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How to Visit New York in Winter With a Baby

Visiting New York in winter with a baby might not seem like the best of ideas, but we really didn’t have much of a choice. You see, we currently live in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) where daytime temperatures are around 25 C (80F), and were traveling to Spain to spend Christmas with my family. The cheapest […]

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How Can Americans Travel to Cuba? What You Need to Know

Now more than ever, the opportunity of traveling to Cuba from the US is pulling in adventure lovers eager to catch a glimpse of one of the world’s most unique countries. With US/Cuban relations better now than they have been for decades, Americans traveling to Cuba are flocking en masse to the island nation, and […]

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The Best Value Accommodation in New Jersey Near New York

Global Luxury Suites at Newport are among New Jersey’s newest accommodation options and without a doubt should be considered one of the best cheap hotels in New Jersey- even if they’re not a hotel. They have great views overlooking Manhattan, and have a convenient location with easy access to pretty much everything you’ll need. The apartments […]

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Family Hotel Near Wall Street: Q & A Residential Hotel

Unlike my solo visit to New York on a budget, on our most recent trip to New York (Decemebr 2016) we had a new challenge: finding a great family hotel near Wall Street that would provide space, comfort and value. Fortunately, luck would be on our side as we had the pleasure of staying somewhere we’d […]

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Family Hotel Near Newark Airport: the Hilton Newark Airport

Airport hotels often get a pretty bad rap, but the Hilton Newark Airport Hotel is a bit of an exception as I consider it to be both a business and family hotel near Newark Airport . Located just a few minutes drive from the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, the Hilton Newark offers luxury accommodation […]

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1 How to Get from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale

Aaah the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale Beach is easily one of Florida’s best attractions, and well worth the detour if you’re visiting Miami. Unfortunately, for the uninitiated, actually getting there can be a bit of a pain, particularly from South Beach. Luckily, once you know the ropes, it’s really not too difficult to head […]

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2 The Cheapest Parking in South Beach Miami

Everyone loves visiting Miami, except for the frustrating fact that finding the cheapest parking in South Beach can be a serious pain. Getting a park near the beach can be tough, and parking on the street can mean having to stop your day once an hour to feed the meter. Not fun. And it’s expensive. […]

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Exploring Palm Springs: a Sunset Desert Tour

It’s hot. It’s arid. It’s the equivalent of a tough story in most movies, but deserts have always drawn the attention of people (if for a day) and will continue to do so. It’s because of this that exploring the desert when in Palm Springs is pretty much a must. Not only will you get […]

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2 Restaurants Where to Eat and Drink in Palm Springs

The restaurant scene in Palm Springs is alive and ample, with plenty of great choices where to splurge in. From some fast food joints to mostly high quality restaurants offering all kinds of food, we did get the chance to eat out a few times, though admittedly we did dine at our rented house more often […]

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A Guided Tour of Joshua Tree National Park

Named after the native yucca brevifolia, Joshua Tree National Park is a compelling visit for anyone who loves nature and landscapes. While most visitors (like myself) visit Joshua Tree National Park in a day – or even a few hours- there are many who wisely choose to spend a few days camping, hiking, sock climbing, […]

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2 The Kenai Peninsula in an RV: Seward to Homer

Seward is a great little town in the North Eastern Kenain Peninsula, with lots of things to see and do- before mid September. Once the high season comes to an end all tour operators close, and the bustling town becomes somewhat sleepy with just the Aquarium and Exit Glacier to explore. Both of these can […]

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The Kenai Peninsula in an RV: Anchorage to Seward

One of the most popular and best ways of traveling around Alaska is with an RV, as you’ll have the independence of going wherever you want with a a bedroom, a kitchen and a shower. This was my first time driving a full size motor-home, and while I was a bit apprehensive of how difficult it would […]

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Anchorage in September: What to See and Do

A seaport at the head of Cook inlet, the area was first discovered and named by Captain James cook in 1778. Russian explorers had already been in Alaska and continued to do so until the Alaska purchase of 1867,  and the city of Anchorage was founded in 1915 as the headquarters for the Alaska railroad. […]

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The Copper Whale Inn , Anchorage, Alaska

If you prefer the home-like feeling of a B&B over a hotel- like I do- and are visiting Anchorage in Alaska the Copper Whale Inn is an excellent choice. Locate in downtown Alaska it is also within walking distance of the  popular Tony Kowles coastal trail, right besides a few restaurants and withing walking distance […]

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Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Alaska has awe-inspiring vistas and amazing archaeological formations that could not be enjoyed by tourists at large some 50 years ago.  With time, science and entrepreneurial minds opportunities to experience what the ultimate frontier has to offer have appeared in a few locations, one of them being Chena Hot Springs, 61 miles away from Fairbanks. […]

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