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28 diamond head

Going Outdoors in Oahu: The Waikiki to Diamond Head Walk

Diamond head is probably the most popular landmark in Hawaii and perhaps just as famous as Pearl Harbor, if not more. This extinct seaside volcano is easily seen from Waikiki beach, the most popular in the island, and has always appeared in all the beach’s postcards and pictures. Known in Polynesian as Le’ahi Diamond Head […]

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7 hanalei bay

7 Things to See and Do in Kauai (Hawaii)

Known as the Garden Island Kauai is the second most popular Hawaiian island, and it offers a little something for everyone. If you’re planning on taking a trip to this Hawaiian Island, here are some of the top attractions that you might want to check out. 1. Waimea Canyon Known as the “Grand Canyon of […]

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6 waimea bay

Visiting Oahu (Hawaii) in a Day (Video)

If you don’t have much time to visit Oahu or simply want to get an overview of the island with your family without having to drive there are several day tours that will suit this purpose, and although long and comprehensive they definitely suit this purpose. We were luck enough to join the Grand Circle […]

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19 swimming with turtle hawaii

Swimming With Dolphins and Turtles in Oahu

Few places in the world as good as Oahu´s west coast when it comes to whale watching and dolphin encounters, and if this is one of the experiences in your bucket list make sure you join one of the tours that allow you to swim with dolphin and turtles tours when exploring Hawaii’s most visited […]

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13 swim with sharks

Swimming With Sharks in Oahu, Hawaii (Video)

Sharks are predators that most people try to avoid in a lifetime and by any means, but as I shared some time ago in a previous article about our shark swim tour it’s an experience we were looking forward to and were able to enjoy with Hawaii Shark Encounters, one of the leading companies in […]

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16 sunset surf

5 Ideas for Active Holidays in Hawaii

There is no shortage of relaxation to be had on Oahu; the perfect combination of sun, sea, and sand can help even the tensest of folks unwind. While working on a tan and catching up on a good book on a beach steps away from one of the luxurious Honolulu hotels is certainly an appealing […]

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Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Hawaii (Video)

Hanauma Bay is, without a doubt, Oahu’s most popular snorkeling spot. The beach is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the island and is just a 25 minutes bus ride from Waikiki. In this video you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy its spectacular surroundings and learn some tips before getting there, and make sure […]

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51 photo of waikiki

The Best Beaches in Oahu, Hawaii

Sun, surf, white sand …Oahu has dozens of beaches scattered all around the island from which to choose. Being in Hawaii all of them are gorgeous in one way or another, but which are the best beaches in Oahu? The following are my favorite of all that I visited when I was recently there and are generally […]

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30 turtle oahu

Swimming With Turtles in Oahu, Hawaii (Video)

Hawaii is the perfect place to enjoy all things water related, and not surprisingly it is also the ideal place to go swimming with turtles. If in Oahu the easiest way to accomplish this is by joining a tour that will take you to the west coast of the island, but if you feel like […]

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16 photo of waikiki

First Impressions of Waikiki, Honolulu (HI)

After decades of reading about Waikiki and Honolulu in surf magazines I finally landed in the all mighty Honolulu international airport. Unsure about what to expect I did think that  arriving passengers would be welcomed with traditional Polynesian music, a hula dance, and certainly a lei- one of those flower necklaces so popular on TV […]

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10 moorea french polynesia

Free Wallpaper of the Week: Moorea, French Polynesia

Very close to Cook’s Bay in Moorea lie these bungalows overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Transparent, clear blue waters lead to steep lush mountains create a jaw dropping scenery, which you can now enjoy every time you look at your computer screen.     Right click below and select “Save As” to download and save in […]

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23 snorkeling hanauma bay

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Any traveler visiting Hawaii has a list of things to do in the most isolated archipelago in the world; from surfing to volcano trekking there is something for every outdoor sports aficionado, including snorkeling, and if based in Oahu there is no better place to give it a try than Hanauma Bay. The 20 minute […]

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Swimming With Wild Dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii

  I find amazing that dolphins have become humans’ best friends in the ocean. These clever mammals are in the ocean what dogs are to us on land, and a natural attraction has raised between both species making the opportunity for us to interact with them a very sought experience. I’m one of those people […]

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25 What to do in Hawaii: Visiting Oahu in a Day

Despite being the most isolated islands in the world I recently discovered that the Hawaiian archipelago has an overwhelming amount of places and outdoor activities to enjoy, keeping you busy for days on end. Even Oahu, which is the most urbanized of them all (which is still not much) is full of opportunities that allow […]

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