Don’t spend a day in Hong Kong- spend a week!

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No matter which way you look at it Hong Kong (HK) is a fascinating and vibrant city.  With over 7 million people it is a short flight from the Philippines which we also found at a very good rate, and to make things easy we booked a night at the Rambler Oasis Hotel- an excellent value hotel at under 300 HKD when booked online.

If cheap and good hotels are what you need in HK look no further than the Rambler Hotels, with prices under 300 HKD in several travel search engines. Rooms are spotless, with high ceilings, TV, AC, fridge, IDD phone, toiletries, comfy beds, swimming pool, gym and a few stores in the lower level, with good prices as well! It might be far (ish) from HK downtown, but with the excellent public transport HK has getting there is a breeze.

We later moved to Pearl Guestoguse in Chunking Building, which is one of the 2 that hosts many guesthouses. Cindy the manager speaks good English and is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Pizza is to Italy what electronics is to HK, and with this in mind we purchased an Acer Netbook which is making posting in this blog quite simpler.

Day 2 and onwards were spent visiting the city: the giant Buddha via the cable car in Lantau Island, enjoying great city views from the Peak, strolling through the Avenue of Stars, walking  HK island’s soho or strolling along the hills in Lamma Island as a good city getaway, or watching the 8 pm lightshow anywhere along the avenue of stars (it is, by the way, the largest dayly lightshow in the world).

Food is another of the city’s highlights. With so many cultures sharing a single city you can find international delicacies all over, with chinese cuisine being the most relevant (not surprisingly). Great meals can be found at 30 HKD (less than 3 €) with different options of noodles, soups and rice as the main ingredients, being fried fish or meat your next option at a slightly higher price.

With full menus starting at 29 HKD, Watami Japanese Restaurant is the best bargain I have found in many months. Not only do you get 3 dishes, a soda and free water or tea but you get to enjoy it in a stylish restaurant with modern deco and furniture. Don’t miss it!

We thought we would spend about 3 to 4 days in HK and ended up spending seven. The city’s vibe, excellent transportation, cheap prices and entertainment opportunities can keep you busy for days, and we did not visit any museum, Disneyland or the New Territories, or surf (yes, there is surf in HK). If for some reason you can visit HK but are considering skipping it don’t: you are in for a great few days with very good value for money!

Jackie Chan was hereThe largest Buddha in the worldhktrafficv

How did you like Hong Kong? Did you find it a vibrant and fascinating city? If you liked this post please “Like” it and share it too!

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8 responses to “Don’t spend a day in Hong Kong- spend a week!”

  1. jay says:

    hello i just want to ask for some help. I am going to hong kong this march. I just want to ask if you have a friend that owns a guest house that is cheap. thank you and God bless

    • maitravelsite says:

      Hi Jay, I just got back to you via our Facebook page. I don’t have a friend who owns a guest house there, but I do have some ideas I have shared with you. Enjoy HK!

  2. zelda ♥ says:

    hello Koki .this article is really helpful . I’m so glad to read about the facts to travel Hongkong .. if someday i will go there ,Surely i will follow your tips . i’m so glad to meet you . your one of the genuine traveler in the world .. more power to you .. ! …^____________^

  3. Connie says:

    So glad to hear someone else loves Hong Kong as much as I do! In fact, I fell in love with the place that my boyfriend and I ended up just moving here on a whim! Now that my travels have taken a temporary hiatus, I’m focusing my travel site towards a more Hong Kong destination guide to check my site for recommendations for your next visit!

    • maitravelsite says:

      No wonder you loved HK Connie, I bet you are having a blast there. Have you eaten at any of the places I mention? What area are you staying in?

  4. Hotel says:

    Looks like a great place to stay!

  5. Linda says:

    you take such great pictures Koki
    you should have been a professional photographer !!
    looks like you are having an awesome time !!
    you both look great 🙂

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