Anatolian Adventures – Getting Active in Turkey

| April 3, 2012 | 13 Comments

In 2011, Turkey attracted over 31 million tourists – a 3 million increase on its figures for 2010, and more than triple the figures a decade ago.

What has made this fascinating region so appealing in the last decade? Combined with an increased effort from the government to increase tourism, plus large immigrant populations in the UK, especially London, Turkey’s name has been on the rise.

active holidays in turkey

Another reason for its popularity is the diversity of Turkey holidays, available from low-cost reputable providers such as On The Beach. As most tour operators will tell you, the country offers almost all things for all people. There are standard beach holidays, exciting city breaks in Istanbul, areas of history and beauty like Bodrum and Cappodocia- there is basically all you need if it is active holidays in Turkey what you’re after.

And on top of all that, there’s the adventure. Turkey has helped create – and shape – a growing adventure tourism industry, using its landscape and good weather to promote activity holidays and trips. We’ve been browsing through travel tips and related articles from recent years, as well as compiling our own experiences and friends’ advice, to bring you a selection of ideal activities for your Turkey holiday.

  1. Whitewater rafting

If you don’t believe this looks like a fun thing to do, check out the operators, Turkey’s most trusted, Alternatif Outdoor. Turkey is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best sites for whitewater rafting. Even better, it’s a place that combines challenging rapids with gentler waters for the beginners amongst us.

  1. Adventure Camping around Lake Van

Doesn’t this sound exciting? We were also intrigued by what ‘adventure camping’ might mean. It basically entails a lot of outdoor activity packed into a few days, including a boat trip to the nearby Akdamar Island, horse-riding, volcanic hot and cold baths plus excellent hiking. Our personal favorite.

  1. Kite-surfing

An increasingly popular sport across the world it is one you can practice to perfection here too. Try Gokova in Turkey, though, for the real introduction. Great weather and ace conditions – strong but firm winds and open coastline.

This post contains information brought to you by a third party, however we would not include them if we didn’t think they can benefit travelers. [Poto Credit @ Flick: ismaSan]

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13 responses to “Anatolian Adventures – Getting Active in Turkey”

  1. myriam says:

    Hi! I was in Abu Dhabi with a 30 days tourist visa and by mistake (confused by the 31 days month) overstayed for 1 day. I paid a fine as a result and left. I travel there once or twice a year since my daughter lives there. Do you know if I may get a ban or where can i get info about it? Thanks in advance!!!!

    • maitravelsite says:

      Hey Myriam, if you paid the fine already you should be fine. There’s no reason to be banned because of a 1 day overstay, but if you want to double check call immigration!

  2. Asli Halic says:

    If you are looking for true Anatolian Adventures, please check our website, as the name describes the nature of tours offered.

  3. Natalie says:

    I will always say that Turkey rocks but then again I am biased. I do have one gripe though. A lot of the incentive to get tourism into the country is being done by building all inclusive hotels and selling the packages cheap. The result is that the tourists don’t leave the hotel and don’t see anything of real Turkey

    • maitravelsite says:

      Which is a shame, I agree. I’d say that the best way to use these packages is to get there and spend just a day at the hotel or two, and then explore! All these people are missing out so much…thanks for stopping by Natalie!

  4. I love Kite surfing, I think in other country surfing kite would be awesome experience, Turkey is wonderful and want to try real Turkish delight made in Turkey got bored of eating artificial, Thanks for sharing, If I’m lucky enough I will visit turkey.

  5. Divinne Grace says:

    I have never heard about this rock formation and I think Turkey is such a nice place…I am sure a lot of people would want to try visiting this place too…

  6. Kelly M. Winston says:

    A true amazing natural wonder of the world..Thanks for the ideas here…

  7. Maryden25 says:

    Wow! I never seen as beautiful as these rock formation in my whole entire life! I have seen other rock formation in the UK but not like this.
    Amazingly beautiful site!

  8. Shirley Fai says:

    I have never been to other country and I am actually looking for a place where I can have my first ever outside the country tour…Thanks for the ideas here…

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