The Best Night Clubs in Miami

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Blessed with a tropical climate and the best beaches in continental USA the night clubs in Miami are the icing on the cake for travelers, vacationers and snow birds who want to enjoy life and get away from it all. The southernmost state capital receives tourists from around the world all year and is also the hub for most flights comming from South America- not surprisingly it has a deeply embeded Latin culture that exudes anywhere you go.
view Miami
Without a doubt the night clubs in miami and South Beach is the area to see and be seen, where all the beautiful people come to show off their buffed tanned bodies and money- even if it’s only an image that will last for a few days. During the day make your way to Ocean Drive and enjoy a coffee at any of the bars and cafes along the street while you stare at the people wondering if all the models in the world have decided to move there. In a way, you will be right, because Miami has more models per square mile than any other city in the world. Once you’re done pack your gear and cross the street to the beach. It is a great way of spending the day and not your money, saving it for the night party at any of the clubs in Miami beach. The beaches in South Beach are clean, uncrowded except during spring break, and the water is turquoise blue most of the time, ideal for a dip to cool off at any moment or surfng when there’s waves. Odds are you will also spot topless women looking for the perfect all-around tan; full coverage is certainly not enforced and the relaxed mood invites many to relax and chill out.

Miami beach is great fun, but once the sun sets it is time to head back to your hotel in South Beach, get rid of your swimwear, put on your sharpest clothes and head to the night club of your choice and enjoy Miami’s nightlife. There are dozens of clubs from which to choose, but which is the best night club in Miami?

Night Clubs in Miami

Nikki Beach is perhaps the most popular night club in Miami beach. Located in one Ocean Drive it’s just a stone throw away from the beach and is open every day from 11 AM to later in the afternoon Monday to Friday and until 5 am on Saturdays. With a cover charge of around 20USD, it features an open air dance floor and a minimalist restaurant and bar, offering special menus most days including brunch, lunch and dinner. Nikki beach has become a brand itslef, and is the venue of choice for fashion shows and themed parties. Visit for more info.

BED Miami is one of those nightclubs who aim to attract the bold and the beautiful. Located in 929 Washington Avenue it offers a superb dinning experience in a one-of-a-kind theme club where beds are to be found all over the place for you to enjoy the groovy rythms without even having to sit if you don’t feel like it. Dress codes are strictly enforced, and even if you wear your best clothes entrance is not guaranteed- the bouncers will make the last call. However, if you’re a promoter or a model you’ll get paid to party here. Sign up or learn more at

Club Space is considered by many to be the best might club in Miami, and not without reason. The most important DJ’s in the world have stopped here at some point in their careers (if not more than one) and the parties attract young crowds who simply want to let loose. People come here to dance and enjoy the live entertainment provided by the club’s dancers, and feel the beat played by the guest DJ of the day. It is located in 34 NE 11 Street, and you can check to learn about the upcomming guest DJs and parties.

Set in the space that was originally built as the French Casino in 1936, Club Mansion projects a sensual vibe throughout the venue. With six bars on two levels and a main-room stage to host fashion shows and live performances, Mansion is one of the biggest clubs aimed to please house and techno lovers from everywhere. There is a 20 USD cover fee, drinks are not on not on the cheap side and as a guest mentioned “you don’t have to be naked to get in, but you have to look good and damn sexy if you’re with a guy”. Find out the latest info at

hot girls in Miami
Leaving Miami without experiencing latin nightlife is missing one of the best entertainment opportunities in the city. Not only will the sizzling bodies and embracing rythims keep you moving but you’ll be, if for a moment, living the nightlife style in the latin country of your choice. Head to Bongo’s Cuban Cafe for the ultimate latin night party in Miami- owned by international stars Gloria and Emilio Stefan, the 25 USD cover charge will get you in and allow you to shake your booty till 5am monday to Saturday, but the dining and drinks cost extra. Visit it at the American Airlines Arena at 601 Biscayne Boulevard or

Every night club in Miami mentioned above is popular and guarantees good fun. However, they all have a cover charge too. The good news is that perhaps the two most famous Miami night clubs are free to enter, just as amusing, are visited by the good looking crowds Miami is known for, and with accommodation near Lummus Park available, you’ll be just a short walk away

Who hasn’t heard about the Clevelander? It’s one of the most famous hotels in Miami , is featured in most Miami movies and has all you need for your night party: it’s a hotel with a restaurant, sports bar, sun decks and night life every single day of the year. Its pools often hold skimpy bikini contests that spice up the mood in the afternoon, opening the way to the entertaining parties that continue well into the night. Make sure you check it out at 1020 Ocean Drive or visit

clevelander night clubs in Miami
And last, but not least, is Mango’s Tropical Cafe, in 900 Ocean Drive. This 21 and over venue offers excellent dining at affordable prices in a world class night club latin environment. It features live stage dancing perfomances every night and private rooms to book if you have a special party you want to celebrate here. Check and enjoy the show in yet another very affordable but superb night club in Miami.

mangos night clubs in miami

There is no one club that clearly stands out above the rest, as it all depends on the interests of the visitor and the experience lived that night. Any of these seven night clubs in Miami is sure to make your night one to remember for years to come. But the question is: which is your favoirite?

Save Money When Visiting Miami

With the above club selection you have all your nights busy during your visit, but what about during the day? What is there to see and do in Miami one the sun is up? Besides its famous beaches (South Beach being the most popular of them all) there are many attractions to keep you busy, and while these might become an additional expense there is a great way to save a good chunk of money. Go Miami Cards include entrances to the most popular attractions in the city and area (some being a must) and can even be customized to your interests. You can buy day or several day passes, or simply include in the Go Select Miami Pass the attractions you know you want to visit paying a fraction of the full price. Do your math, see more and pay less! Click on the image or here to see if this is something for you-> Go Miami Card

[Disclosure: some of these links might be making us some money if you make a purchase, however we wouldn’t include them if we didn’t think travelers can benefit from them… and they also help me maintain this site. Photo credits @Flickr: Slack12, Marco Viegas, dgreichert, Stig Nygaard]

Have you been to any of these night clubs in Miami beach? Which one do you recommend? Is there one you wouldn’t? If you liked this post please remember to share it!

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23 responses to “The Best Night Clubs in Miami”

  1. I will also be heading to miami soon too. The pictures look like a lot of fun though and the nightclubs look unbelievable.

  2. Miami has the best night clubs in whole America Sacramento Airport Taxi

  3. Dave says:

    I stayed in Miami 3 months for business trip. Beautiful beach in Miami. Dubbed the Sun and Fun Capital by Jackie Gleason in the ‘60s, Miami Beach has since evolved into America’s Riviera and a Latin Hollywood, with theatrical flair.

  4. I’m heading to Miami next months and will be sure to check out at least 2 or 3 of these. I tend to prefer live music venues so Bayside rocks festivals is one of the best happening next month in town . and the best part of it is, its a live music fest.

  5. When I see how different night clubs are in other places, it makes me think LA has a lot to learn – especially about how late to stay open! 2am sounds so early in comparison to everywhere else.

  6. Miami has the best clubs. You better stick to Miami Beach for clubbing.. Mango is not a club, but a place to have fun..

  7. I’m heading to Miami in a couple of months and will be sure to check out at least 2 or 3 of these. I tend to prefer live music venues so will report back on some of those too 🙂

  8. Dang!! Seriously… Miami is the best.

  9. I was a nightclub photographer in Miami for many years. For VIP glam, SET is my favorite. For laid-back hipster craziness, The Vagabond is a good bet. 🙂

  10. Great Post! Nikki Beach rocks all of them. Hands down.

  11. seph from cheap spring break says:

    Greater Miami’s legendary night scene sizzles with possibility, driven by fashion and entertainment industry mavens. Dubbed the Sun and Fun Capital by Jackie Gleason in the ‘60s, Miami Beach has since evolved into America’s Riviera and a Latin Hollywood, with theatrical flair.So thanks a lot!

  12. Hi Federico,

    Congratulations for the great pictures and the great article you’ve written, it made me want to go clubbing. And wow, I just love Miami so much… The best partying city, Miami !

    Best regards,


  13. Sarah Wu says:

    I never been to Miami before. I always see those beautiful beach from Miami CSI shows and wanted to be there. This is a great written guide for anyone who want to go clubbing in Miami and enjoy the sunny beach. Thank you for the post!

    • maitravelsite says:

      Hi Sarah! Thank you for stopping by. The beaches are just like on CSI…in fact most of what you see really is like that. It does rain a lot in summer though 🙂

  14. Andrea says:

    I lived in Miami for four years. Glad to see Nikki Beach and Space are still around. We used to go to Level a lot but not sure if that is still there…

    • maitravelsite says:

      I lived in West Palm Beach for 2 and a half, and had the chance to check these places. Those two in particular will be around for long, I think. Do you miss Miami?

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