Top 10 Cities in the USA to go Gaming and Gambling

| December 29, 2011 | 26 Comments

Got the money? Want to travel and play with your earnings, and perhaps even return richer than when you left? This is our list of cities in the us where we would go gaming and gambling. Which is your pick?

gaming and gambling

Las Vegas, Nevada

For generations of Americans and gamblers around the world, casino gambling meant Las Vegas — and the name evoked either glamour or tacky glitz, depending on the listener. Since the late 1990s Las Vegas has attempted to shift the tourism it has been having for decades to make it more family friendly, and this has had a serious impact on the city’s earnings. Nevertheless the allure will always be there and it is safe to say that it is the most popular city in the USA where to go gaming and gambling.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

You may not know this but Atlantic City actually struggled economically in the mid-20th century. However, in 1976, when the state passed a referendum legalizing gambling in the city, “America’s Playground” surged to life with ferocity. Atlantic City is by far the gaming and gambling capital of the East Coast, with 13 world-class casinos and thousands of high-end games and machines.

gaming and gambling vegas

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans became the center of American gambling in the early 19th century. The Mississippi River allowed access to more American towns and cities than any other, so it was natural that the city at the mouth of the river would become home to the most gamblers. Today, riverboat casino gambling is the most popular of all, although initially these boats were meant for river tours only.

Reno, Nevada

Reno was initially known as a railroad town, with the city’s main rail line was between Salt Lake City and Sacramento. Besides this Reno was once also the capital of gambling in the United States after the entry into force of the law of gambling in 1931. In fact, during the fifties, Reno has actually become the gambling capital of the central region of the USA.

Foxwoods Casino Resort, Connecticut

Foxwoods Casino Resort is a huge gaming and gambling complex set a few hundred yards off of I-95 in Connecticut. It has become one of the largest gambling resorts in the world and is owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe of Native Americans. The Pequot’s status as a recognized Native American tribe affords them the right to run a gambling establishment where otherwise it would be illegal.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Casinos blanket Biloxi and offer everything from Vegas-type shows to a variety of slot machines. The facilities not only offer gambling experiences but the larger ones incorporate other services like spas, restaurants and hotels.


Palm Springs, California

With seven casinos valley-wide you can definitely find the one that’s right for you, including Morongo, The Spa, Agua Caliente, Fantasy Springs, Spotlight, Augustine, and Red Earth. Many if not all of the local casinos offer a club rewards program, point compensation for hotel stays or dining, spa services, and a lot more.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sure, Fort Lauderdale is perhaps more famous for its sun and surf…or is it? This area in South Florida has had a dramatic increase in visitors willing to be come rich while gaming. Not only can you win money inland but there are casino cruises that will take you to Bahamas or for a day trip, allowing some sun worshiping along the way.

Chicagoland, Illinois and Indiana

Gary, Indiana, on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, is on the eastern edge of the Chicago metropolitan area and is also known as Chicagoland. The region is the third-largest gambling area in the United States, behind Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as measured by casino revenue.

Detroit, Michigan

Truth is Detroit only has three casinos, but they are an interesting trio and surprisingly slick. The oldest casino in the city, the Greektown, is Native American-owned and dedicated to helping the economy- from time to time they even offer slot play credit to anyone who has purchased a new American made automobile. Nearby, the MGM Grand Detroit and the Motor City Casino both have more than 400 hotel rooms with all the expected comforts.

Now you know where to head to, but you still have to decide the casino games you will want to play…without spending too much money!

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26 responses to “Top 10 Cities in the USA to go Gaming and Gambling”

  1. Richie says:

    I don’t think any of these other cities can compare to Las Vegas. The number of casinos, buffets, bars, and extravagant shows is unmatched in the US.

  2. This would make an awesome tour of the US. However, with my gambling luck I might not make it out of Vegas.

    Love the blog, kind regards, Si

  3. Errich says:

    Thanks for the information you have shared here…Lovely ideas!!

  4. I wonder if Biloxi has recovered from Katrina – I heard that a lot of the casino boats were destroyed and were thrown far inland from their moorings. Last time I went there was in 2001!

    And Las Vegas! Just posted an article on my website – doing Las Vegas on under £50/$75 a day, if anybody is interested.

  5. Sharilyn says:

    I love to hear more of this post…very interesting shared thoughts!!

  6. Jasmin says:

    I really love the ideas you have included in this post and I am sure a lot of people are interested with this as well…

  7. Gracie says:

    I think this kind of post is not good because a lot of gamblers where going this place..

  8. Khriscia says:

    I am not into gambling because all I want is just fun…

  9. I am really disappointed by this post. My husband is a big gambler and squanders money on these cheap thrills. Gambling to a limit is okay, but excessive is terrible. These places may be great, I do not doubt that, but you could have avoided writing such an anti-social post. If gambling lovers read this they will surely go over drive and visit it spending a lot of valuable money in the process. I would suggest you consider the effects your articles can have before writing them and posting them.

    • maitravelsite says:

      This blog also speaks about diving, surfing and other activities that have resulted in fatal accidents. Should I stop speaking about these topics too? Gambling can be a problem, but so are many other things. Sorry it disturbed you.

  10. Tracey says:

    For starters, in the future you should keep a log book of where you play, the dates, and the daily totals how much you have won or lost. The receipts you have now you can use to create a log for those time periods and use as proof of wins and losses. Another thing to know for tax time is you can use any losing lottery tickets, including scratch-offs to offset your winnings.

  11. My friend is getting married soon and we will be having a bachelor’s party, hoping to make it as crazy as “Hangover” the movie. Las Vegas has been done to death and we have all visited it a number of times after all it is the Mecca for gambling. Marriage too is a gamble so might try your luck on the money front before it. We are thinking of Biloxi, Mississippi to be our destination. Thank you for giving us your valuable advice. Keep posting great travel knowledge.

  12. Mickie says:

    Gambling, i think is not a good idea for fun..That is just my opinion, anyway..

  13. George Anderson@Schwinn Exercise Bike says:

    Want to travel to UK and gamble there, weas wondering if you had any leads to some good spots to gamble there. The US casinos we are all aware of but the Euro and UK Pound are stronger than the Dollar and we can get huge profits from it by gambling at their rate. I want to visit England in particular and was looking out for a good option of a casino to visit in March around the England and Scotland areas. I would be really happy if you do a travel peice on the UK and mention the pubs and casinos there in it. Looking forward to that. Will be making trips to some other European countries later on in the year, would like some coverage of that too. Cheers.

    • Hi George

      The best spot is probably the Casino at the Empire. It’s in Leicester Square. There are various private ones in Mayfair (W1) like Aspinal and the Colony Club. Pubs? Great one in Bruton Mews called The Guinea Grill. And Hix has a great bar in the basement, in Soho.

  14. Travel is cool and gambling is what me and my friends love to do on the week-end. You have actually suggested some great spots all around the country for all of us to visit and gamble at. I am being frank about it, life is short and you need to live it to the fullest. Las Vegas is known to be the place of casinos, but the other places were dicoveries to me and my friends. Thank you and Happy New Year 2012.

  15. Jeziel says:

    I have never tried gambling and I think it may be fun but addicting..

  16. jack says:

    Wanted to experience gambling in my life. Thanks for your post! Now I have got my destination for my first gambling experience – Las Vegas. Heard of its been the city of casinos. After reading your post I have been more excited to visit this place and have planned my visit later in this month. Will surely reply to you after my visit. Thank you!

  17. Gambling on New Years has been a great tradition in many US family and friend circles. This list was very helpful to many who have a tradition of going to their hometowns and celebrating the holidays. Thanks for this list. New Years luck is very vital and it is a way of predicting what will happen in the New Year and the months to come. One good thing is that gambling spots have gaming provisions as well. The kids can have fun gaming and the adults can try their hands at gambling. The important thing is not over doing it, the fear of gambling too much always exists. The main thing is knowing when to stop gambling, the fact that it is an addiction has to always be at the side of ones mind. My policy play five games, make as much money as you can and then quit. The minimum win or loss is not a big problem, the family and friends will also be happy and not feel that by not playing you acted like a bore.

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