2 Free Wallpapers of Exotic Flowers

Bored of having the same background on your screen? Download these two wallpapers of exotic flowers! Also known as Hawaiian Lei, Temple Tree, Dead Man’s fingers, Egg Flower or Amapola the plant grows in warm tropical regions of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico.

The plant produces rosy-pink, white, red blooms that are touched with bronze cue and spread a fragrance that has a special tropical flavor. They have the shape of propeller bearing tender yellowish center with creamy outer petals. These flowering plants can reach the height of big shrubs or even small trees growing up to 10-12 meters tall and 6 meters wide. It bears long leathery leaves gathered in clusters close to the branch tips but is not evergreen.

Did you know? Despite being widely used in flower bouquets Frangipani plants produce a poisonous milky sap.

frangipani flowers

Frangipani flowers 1024 x 768

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frangipani flowers wallpaper

Frangipani flower wallpaper 1280 x1024

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