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Surfing in Kenting, Taiwan

It is true that Taiwan has surf all around the island, but if there is a place worth emphasizing that is Kenting National Park, in Taiwan’s southernmost tip. Blessed with tropical temperatures and warm water year around there are waves 365 days/year in at least one of the several beaches the park has. It is […]

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3 Lu-Tong and the Taroko Gorge

If you’re a backpacker you already know that plans, which are kept to a minimum for starters, change very often and very quickly. This was the case as soon as we tried to leave Taipei towards Hualien and the Taroko Gorge. Upon arrival to the bus station we were told that there are no buses […]

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Taiwan’s capital: the Taipei 101 and so much more

Some of you might be surprised about having chosen to travel to Formosa (Taiwan) our Asian tour. Why not? Considering it is precisely that, an unusual destination, it will probably offer more than what you would expect. Omne ignotum pro magnifico (the unknown tends to be magnificent) said the Romans over 2000 years ago, and […]

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8 What to See in Hong Kong in 4 to 7 Days

Welcome to the insanity of Hong Kong, the city of contradictions. This is a city where the ancient and modern collide. Hong Kong is filthy rich and dirt poor. It’s fine dining, and dumplings on a street corner. A great destination to stop in when visiting Southeast Asia  yet easy to visit if traveling with […]

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