Monthly Archives: February 2010

23 Tahiti and Moorea on a budget (Part 1)

How to make your trip to¬†French Polynesia affordable I’m sure that like me, you always thought that the islands featured in spectacular photos you have found yourself staring at are only accessible to the extremely wealthy and certainly out of reach for the budget conscious, right? Wrong! Sure, French Polynesia can be as expensive as […]

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I want to know about you

Blogging is good fun, although it all comes to a feeling of satisfaction when you know that others are reading what you are typing and narrating. The best part of it is when you get emails or comments regarding a post or something your opinions is valued, but alas,¬† now a days people prefer to […]

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11 Hide away in the South Pacific: Vanuatu

Formerly known as the New Hebrides, Vanuatu is an independent island chain/ country located 3 hrs NE of Au and 3 hours north of NZ, fairly close to Tahiti, and was going to be our first stop in the Pacific islands. Our flight with Air Vanuatu from Melbourne with a stopover in Sydney arrived on […]

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