Monthly Archives: December 2010

6 Smiling With the Diola in Casamance, Senegal

A few years ago Liza and I travelled to Gambia and western Casamance (southern Senegal) in Africa, it being the first time any of us visited mainland Africa ever. The experience was perhaps one of the most eye-opening we have ever had, and at the same time enjoyed every single minute of it- well almost. […]

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6 Washington DC in a Day

DC’s weather in December is certainly not the best, so why would I leave the beaches of Mexico´s Pacific coast to visit Washington DC in a day? The answer is very simple: a job interview. But as in any interview, part of it involves knowing the area and its surroundings, and thus Liza and I […]

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21 My Favourite Airline in the World

With so many to choose from it is not easy to decide which is your favourite airline in the world, as all of them offer the same service: they fly you from point A to point B at a higher or lower cost. However, there are many other things to be considered, which will ultimately […]

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