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A Quick Guide to Perth, Australia

  The capital of western Australia, Perth has made a name for itself as a land of beautiful stretches of beach, year-round sunshine and an astonishingly diverse culture. Polynesian, Asian and European influences abound, making this one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the region. Despite recent modernizations, it retains its old town, community charm, […]

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2 exotic flowers asia

2 Free Wallpapers of Exotic Flowers

Bored of having the same background on your screen? Download these two wallpapers of exotic flowers! Also known as Hawaiian Lei, Temple Tree, Dead Man’s fingers, Egg Flower or Amapola the plant grows in warm tropical regions of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico. The plant produces rosy-pink, white, red blooms that are […]

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teotihuacan pyramid mexico

5 of the Best Cultural Attractions in Mexico

Mexico has something for everyone. Famous for beaches, stunning cultural sites, bustling cities and vibrant festivities, it is the perfect getaway for a variety of different travelers. It is also now increasingly accessible due to the number of Mexico holiday deals available from Europe, Canada and the US. Take a look at the must-see sites […]

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14 4 Must See Places in South America

The fourth largest continent in the world, South America is a haven of culture, beauty, passion and adventure. From the lush landscape of the Amazon to the beach towns of Brazil, there is so much to see and do here it can be easy to miss some of its best bits. Check out our list […]

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25 What to do in Hawaii: Visiting Oahu in a Day

Despite being the most isolated islands in the world I recently discovered that the Hawaiian archipelago has an overwhelming amount of places and outdoor activities to enjoy, keeping you busy for days on end. Even Oahu, which is the most urbanized of them all (which is still not much) is full of opportunities that allow […]

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