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19 copper canyon

Exploring Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico

Four times larger than the Grand Canyon, spectacular as Taroko Gorge in Taiwan  yet as many times unknown Copper Canyon is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most fascinating attractions. Located in the southwest of Chihuahua, one Mexico’s northern states and also one of the largest, it has for some reason escaped the attention of many adventure […]

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6 HDR Photo: Hacienda San Diego in Chihuahua

  Hacienda San Diego is one of the most fascinating estates in Chihuahua but unfortunately has been abandoned and no maintenance is taking place. It was built in 1874  and although initially used to grow livestock it was eventually  occupied by revolutionary Francisco I Madero who would lead the Mexican revolution from here to become […]

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13 denia costa blanca

The Spanish Coasts: Which One is for You?

The reliably beautiful weather, soft sandy beaches and low cost of living in Spain has made it a favorite holiday destination for decades. What’s more, with so many fabulous resorts to visit in Spain, you can spend your getaway somewhere different every time. Nevertheless, everyone seems to know which of the most popular Spanish Costas […]

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