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14 Review: Hotel Veracruz in Veracruz, Mexico

Rich in history, very industrial, and less touristy than what it should be Veracruz is Mexico’s largest city along the gulf’s shore, and its harbor is the largest in the country. It’s not surprising then that there are many hotels to choose from, yet I found Hotel Veracruz very conveniently located just five minutes away […]

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3 Tri Nguyen aquarium

A Vacation in Nha Trang, Vietnam

There are a lot of mixed feelings about Nha Trang, considered to be one of Vietnam’s most luxurious getaways for the upper class locals. For some, the ‘too tourist-y’ destination is a problem. For me, it was not – I had a blast! Why Nha Trang Mainland Nha Trang is a hot spot for tourist […]

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15 4 Tips for Visiting Faro in Portugal

Faro is perched on the southernmost tip of Portugal, running parallel with some of the hottest holiday spots in Southern Europe: Palermo, Athens and Izmir.  Theunique climate canopies over this corner of the Algarve – meaning it stays nice and warm during autumn.   Pick up a car in Faro and you have it all […]

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5 Wanna Live in Costa Rica for a Month?

Would you like to travel and live in Costa Rica for a month? How about if I told you that you can get accommodation and transportation paid for, as well as day tours and other extras? What do 1000€ in cash for expenses sound like? Interested? Read along…   Experts in Central and South America, […]

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