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2 antigua river

Things to Do in Veracruz, Mexico

On April 21st 1519 Hernan Cortes landed in Antigua, near the site of Veracruz. There, to prevent all thought of retreat, he burned his ships, and leaving a small force on the coast, led the rest of his men into the interior to change history- without knowing it. The city of Veracruz is today just […]

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4 Why Take a Route 66 Tour?

You might have wanted to tour the United States for years – and in particular take the famous Route 66 through the Midwest all the way to the Pacific coast. Route 66 covers such a stretch of the U.S you might think the best option would be hiring a car – but looking closer at […]

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2 Visiting the Top Tudor London Attractions

The Henry VIII was huge – literally! – since his time the popularity of his family and their courtiers has not only endured but re-surged in recent years. Between the best-selling novel “The Other Boleyn Girl” (as well as a plethora of historical fiction filling bookshelves) and the Showtime hit “The Tudors” (bringing sexy back […]

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8 copper canyon ultra marathon

The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon (video)

While visiting the state of Chihuahua in Mexico I had the opportunity to witness the Raramuri doing what they do best: running. Known to be some of the best trail runners in the world, the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon challenges elite trail runners to run against the Tarahumara in several events, the main ones being […]

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10 San Francisco in a Day: What to See and Things to Do

Let’s say you’re on vacation in California. Let’s also say you’ve never been that interested in the tourist-infested theme parks where you spend more time in the lines than on the rides. Maybe you’re looking for something with a little character and a warm, friendly atmosphere. San Francisco is definitely a good choice in this […]

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11 cordoba veracruz cathedral

What to See and Do in Cordoba, Veracruz

Founded in 1618 Cordoba in Veracruz is the third largest city in the state, yet what is has in age it lacks in taste, architecture and attractions- but there are a handful of things to see. The city is made up of mostly old buildings that were apparently never planned and need all the maintenance […]

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