Monthly Archives: July 2014

1 What Should You Do if You Lose Your Passport?

Your passport is probably one of the most important documents that you have to carry around when travelling for business or pleasure. It usually acts as your gate pass from one country to another  as long as you have your required visas (in this post I explain what to do if you overstay your tourist […]

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8 How to Get Around Cancun & Riviera Maya on the Cheap

Boasting some of the beast beaches in the world Cancun in Mexico and the Riviera Maya receive hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.  Its airport has more international flights than that of Mexico City, and whether  traveling on a budget or have lots of money to spare there’s something that will suit your interests- […]

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5 Family Friendly Things to do in Singapore

Visiting Singapore as a family is a great way to explore the country while having fun at the same time. The country is a great destination for families that are looking for a unique but active vacation where they can learn more about the culture and relax as well (have you ever heard of the […]

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