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4 The Dark and Ugly Side of Vancouver

Don’t be fooled: despite its splendid architecture, window covered skyscrapers, clever layout and close relationship with nature (just look at the parks, the canals or the trees you’ll find atop so many buildings) there’s a not-so-pretty side to this otherwise very well known metropolis. No, I’m not going to write about its Eastside neighborhood, but rather […]

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Turtle Hatchlings in Australia

One of my wishes in life, and high up on my “bucket list”. is to go on a long vacation to Australia, and to view all the magic that can be experienced in the land “down under”. Golden beaches, coral reefs, wondrous caves, majestic mountains, a vibrant nightlife and lots of sun and fun are […]

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Things to do in Prague

The beautiful city of Prague is a top destination for many people. This historic Czech capital features a host of free activities for any tourist, due to the wealth of monuments to go see. Top Places to Visit in Prague No visit to Prague is complete without sipping a local beer at the Beer Garden […]

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5 Amazing Places to Watch a Sunset

The warm orange glow of the sunset has been captivating people for millions of years; it’s a sight that we’ll never get bored of watching. Here, we explore five of the most beautiful places to enjoy this daily natural spectacle. The Arctic Sundog Visitors to the Arctic enjoying the beauty of the Northern Lights are […]

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3 Miku Waterfront Vancouver

The Best Sushi Restaurant in Vancouver?

It’s commonly agreed that Vancouver has the best sushi in Canada, which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense. Based on the West Coast of Canada, it is the closest port to South East Asia and therefore the landing strip to all immigrants who came and still do from there, and  thus all […]

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