Monthly Archives: January 2015

Seattle Bed & Breakfast Inn

A Bed & Breakfast is like your home away from home. There’s something about sleeping in a house and not a building that immediately makes everything more cozy and warm, don’t you think? And if the house appears to have some history, management is friendly and the food is good then all the better. Seattle […]

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2 Where to Find Black Bears in Whistler, Canada

Whistler’s snow capped mountains and world class skiing are what have put this small mountain town in the world map, and hosting the winter Olympics of 2004 certainly helped quite a bit too, and while it might be a great destination for snow sports fans during the winter it also boasts many other outdoor activities […]

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kayaking whistler bc

Lake Kayaking in Whistler, Canada

I’m not sure why, but there’s something about kayaking in high mountain lakes that I love. It may be the peace and quiet, the fact that I spend most of the time by the ocean where I get to surf or chill out in great hotels, or the otherwise uncommon view of large sources of […]

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Planning Your Trips With Yonderbound

When it comes to traveling and hotel booking we all have a tendency to look for hotels in the most popular travel search engines, however every now and then new hotel booking websites appear offering something different (it could be a more pleasant layout, similar hotels to compare with or even cheaper rates) and interesting […]

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