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travel toy for toddler airport stickers

The Best Travel Toys for Toddlers 2019

Traveling with young kids or babies is an exhausting and stressful task. Whether it’s flying or a road trip, we all know that just a few hours of family travel require days and even weeks of planning, and having travel toys for toddlers is just a must. It’s not necessary to be a genius or an […]

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2 lotus travel crib toddler

The Best Toddler Travel Bed 2019

Traveling with a toddler requires special arrangements and travel gear to make sure your little one is safe and comfortable. A toddler travel bed comes in handy when it’s time to sleep, and as a parent you may want to consider buying one of these for your kids comfort- and your sanity.  When buying portable beds […]

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1 lilgadgets-wireless-headphones-for-toddlers

The Best Headphones for Toddlers and Young Kids

Kids get bored easily, hence why they get restless during long trips. Keep them engaged and entertained as you travel and you won’t have to hear the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?” over and over again. How do you keep toddlers busy when you need some rest? With music and visual entertainment, plain and simple […]

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How To Avoid This Common Travel Disease: Malaria

The primary concern of any traveller should be to avoid contracting diseases on their carefully planned trips, especially when it comes to a disease like malaria. Malaria is a common disease in tropical and subtropical regions and can be potentially fatal if prompt and proper treatment is not undertaken. It is carried by female Anopheles mosquitoes […]

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