Are Traveling and Learning a Language Compatible?

There are a select few with the inveterate itch in their feet. The travel bug has bitten well and truly deep and these adventurous souls have traversed half the world backpacking and on the barest budget, yet enjoying each  moment of their lives. Some have decided to volunteer, and others have realized that not only is traveling a good way of learning a language but nowadays you can also study while on the road. Courses like a  USP online MPH are one of many you can later apply to volunteer while traveling the world and helping others, giving their trip a purpose. And then quite a few have created websites and online travelogues to help guide others about their experiences and to give tips about various countries they have visited based on their first hand experience.

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The joys of traveling are many with so many sights, smells and sounds to excite the senses. It is a thrilling, filling and educational experience that matures a person. Just think how much more wonderful the experience could be if one could only speak the language of each country! Communication with local people is easy and travel becomes a pleasure, and many argue that learning a language abroad is the best method. Some do make some efforts to learn a language or several before they set out on a tour. Such learning, however, is devoid of the actual flavor that means an understanding of the underlying traditions and customs. While Spain and the Mediterranean countries have some degree of uniformity in culture and traditions, Mexico and South American countries with Spanish as their language have a different, perhaps more colorful character.

When possible mix the joy of traveling with the joy of learning languages abroad.  ESL Language Studies Abroad offers an admirable mix of travel tourism and learning through its partner language schools located in countries around the world. Its Spanish courses in Mexico City give you the language skills and empower you to interact better with the local population. For example, Spanish courses in Mexico City give you an understanding of the Mexican culture, traditions, and its way of life. In other words, Spanish traditions mixed with the ancient Aztec culture.

Mexico City is a megapolis, a center of business, arts and travel. Spanish courses in Mexico City are conducted by ESL’s partner language school, located just a few minutes away from the center. The school is housed in a colonial style building but with all modern facilities that include air conditioning, computers and internet access. Students can start at a beginner level and progress to advanced levels in an intensive course. Students learn Spanish in an interactive way through practical role playing rather than strictly pedagogical methods. At the same time they stay with host families and gain deeper insights into Mexican family life and a chance to practice what they have learned. The school organizes excursions and students are free to explore the city on their own.  Hey, you may even get the itch and travel all the Spanish speaking South American countries and begin a travelogue site of your own, or even learn an additional language elsewhere!

How good are you with languages? Can you tell us how many you speak (good enough to keep a conversation, even if slowly)?

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