Where to Gamble Other Than in Atlantic City

While most consider Las Vegas to be the gambling capital of the world (or, at least, that of the United States), it’s not the only city with a major gambling industry. Atlantic City, the entertainment capital of the Jersey Shore, is another major destination Americans can enjoy at any time of the year. Just like Vegas, Atlantic City has its share of  resorts, entertainment venues, restaurants, and shops, but it also has something Vegas doesn’t: an Atlantic shoreline. New Jersey is, in turn, one of the US states that have decided to regulate online casinos, opening the door for those unable – or not willing – to travel to Atlantic City to still enjoy its casinos’ offers. While this doesn’t keep anyone bent on enjoying the great things the Jewel of the Jersey Shore has to offer, it has quite a few strong points that make it attractive for many. Let us take a look at three ways online casinos beat the land-based gambling destinations of Atlantic City.

Bonuses and benefits

What incentives do land-based casinos offer their players? Well, a lot depends on how much they are spending. The benefits offered  can range from a complimentary buffet or drinks to free lodging and other – more significant – benefits. Online casinos don’t have such offers for their players – what they have, in turn, is a way to reward their new players right from the start: cash bonuses.

Online casinos traditionally match their players’ first deposits by a certain percentage as a welcome bonus. New players at the Vegas Palms, for example, can start the fun with $/€100 free! The Vegas Palms offers its new players a 200% match on their first deposit, an offer generous enough to beat a free drink or a free plate of food at a land-based gaming venue.

Convenience and accessibility

For those living in the vicinity of Atlantic City, playing a few spins on a slot machine can be a simple task. For those living further away, in turn, playing there is not the most accessible way to gamble. This is where online casinos show their true strength: they come to the player. The emerging  business of New Jersey brings  games just one click away for locals. They can play from the comfort of their homes, without the need to think of travel expenses, lodging or even tips.

In other parts of the world, online gambling is often considered similar to casual social gaming – it’s something people do at their convenience. The Vegas Palms Mobile, for example, is always just a tap away, offering an amazing variety of games, the same great bonuses, and the same convenience and ease of play.

The drinks are much cheaper!

While drinking and gambling are as bad a match as drinking and driving, people still enjoy a glass of something while they play. In a land-based casino, the first drink might be on the house but the rest of them will most likely burn a hole in your pocket. Not if you play online, though – when your smartphone is your casino, you can buy your favorite poison from the supermarket for all it cares.

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