March 26

The 5 Best Campervan Destinations in Scotland

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Scotland, you need to bump it up on your bucket list! Scotland is a magical land, filled with beautiful nature, soaring mountains, dramatic coastlines and rich wildlife.

There is truly something for everyone in Scotland, whether you’re looking for a city escape, an adventure holiday or the chance to wind down and relax. Scotland is best enjoyed behind the wheel of a campervan, as it gives you the freedom to choose your destination, and ensure that the journey remains part of the adventure.

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Here are the five best campervan destinations in Scotland, covering most of this incredible country.


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, so no trip is complete without a day in this bustling city. If you’re looking to take a step back in time, be sure to visit the medieval Old Town.

Walk through the memories of historic royal families at Edinburgh Castle. Don’t forget to admire the stunning gothic architecture of St. Gile’s Cathedral at the heart of the city.

If you or your children are Harry Potter fans, then you’re in luck! J.K. Rowling wrote part of this bestselling series in Edinburgh, so be sure to check out the sites that she’s visited.

An example is the Elephant House, a cafe that Rowling often wrote in. Finish your day by climbing Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano. Here, you’ll have stunning views of the city, an ideal sight to see during sunset.

You can even arrange your campervan hire in Edinburgh, and make this the starting point of your trip through Scotland. Campsites in the city can be rather pricey, so consider parking outside of the city and travelling inside the city by bus. That also saves you a lot of hassle with finding a parking spot!


While Edinburgh may be the capital of Scotland, Inverness is known as the capital of the Highlands. It’s a gorgeous city nestled in the Highlands of Scotland and even features its own airport.

Start your time in Inverness by visiting the Victorian Market. You’ll find all sorts of strange knick-knacks here that you couldn’t have even imagined! The market is particularly known for its clock that hasn’t stopped ticking since 1890.

Additionally, a trip to Scotland isn’t complete without a visit to the infamous Loch Ness Lake? Just a short drive away lies the deep blue waters of the legendary lake. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot the Loch Ness monster. While you’re in the area, be sure to visit Urquhart Castle, where you can climb Grant Tower for spectacular views of the area. There are plenty of campsites dotted around Inverness, so you won’t have to travel far to pitch up for the night.


Tucked away up in the Highlands, it is the beauty of Oban that encourages over 25,000 tourists to visit Oban every year. Translating to ‘the little bay’ in Scottish Gaelic, this is a very appropriate name for the little town nestled within the Firth of Lorn.

The bay of Oban forms a near-perfect horseshoe, which makes for a stunning stroll!

With stunning views and untamed nature, Oban is a great campervan destination in Scotland. You can travel along the coast, pitching up where you see fit, or head inwards and visit the famous amphitheater.

While here, you may also wish to take a boat trip, or even visit one of the many islands dotted around Oban.


This busy city is home to one of the best-preserved gaols in Scotland, dating back to the 17th-century. An example is the Tolbooth Museum, and this gaol functions as a museum exhibiting old prison cells and other items related to local law and punishment.

If you’re hoping for something a little more lighthearted, you can always go dolphin spotting! Torry Battery is the best viewing spot in the area. When you come back to shore, feel free to step back in time and visit the medieval fishing village of Footdee.

The quaint stone houses of Footdee attracts visitors from all over the globe!

This is also a great campervan destination in Scotland for souvenir shopping. You’ll find plenty of cosy and unique stores in Aberdeen, and great cafes to grab a coffee in afterwards.


Glasgow is known for its character and liveliness. You could start your day at West End, which is arguably the most beautiful area in Glasgow. But don’t confuse it with the other famous West End, which is far more south in London! Walk around the West End and enjoy the unique sights and stunning architecture it has to offer. If you’re looking to grab a quick bite, this area is filled with cosy cafes to satisfy your morning cravings.

Be sure to visit the Glasgow Cathedral. It is 800 years old and one of the last standing great cathedrals, this building still boasts of stunning architecture that visitors of all ages can appreciate. You can also relax at Kelvingrove Park, where you’ll be able to spot all sorts of animals, ranging from dogs, otters, and even red foxes!

Scotland is one of the best campervan destinations in Europe. It has the perfect combination of nature and urban settings, allowing you to mix and match as you please. You can choose between staying at a campsite or wild camping, or try a bit of both.

Definitely consider a campervan trip to Scotland next year!


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