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malta with a baby

Salini Resort in Malta (Review)

Why Salini Resort?Salini Resort combines modern beach-side luxury with Malta’s Old World charm. Overlooking the picturesque Salini Bay, the resort makes for a decadent base for exploring some of Malta’s most idyllic locales.Quick Facts or Features1. Beach and country views2. Full spa services3. Wifi availableOverviewThe small Mediterranean nation of Malta is a melange of tradition […]

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Miniloft Apartments Berlin Review

Miniloft Apartments managed to impress me from first sight. Located in Berlin’s voguish Mitte neighbourhood, Miniloft is easily the most distinct apartment block in the area. The bold exterior makes it clear from the start that you’re in for something interesting, though Miniloft is more than just a pretty exterior. Described by The Guardian as […]

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baby monitor travel

The Best Baby Monitor for Travel

The Samsung SEW-3040 Wireless Baby Monitor is an extremely compact baby monitor with great resolution and even better sound. Best of all, it’s pretty easy to use. I originally purchased the SEW-3040 before a trip abroad, and found it was perfect for my needs, both at home and when on the road. I chose this […]

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2 best bed and breakfast juneau

The Best Bed & Breakfast in Juneau?

It’s a fact: most travelers who visit Alaska’s capital city do so on a cruise. It’s a romanticized concept of travel though, as the beauty of Alaska lies within the land, no as much as the ocean. Sure, you’ll get great views and see fantastic forests, but it’s the city life, and most important, unchanged vegetation […]

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Tips to Chose Your Ideal Cruise

Cruise holidays are great; you spend a few weeks on the high seas, living in the lap of luxury and also get to dock in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. If you’re planning a cruise holiday for the first time, you’ll probably have lots of questions to ask, such as where is […]

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6 The Panamerican Hotel in Guatemala City

I’m quite certain that by now, you dear reader have already spent quite some time pondering about whether is it worth to visit Guatemala City, and I can’t blame you. This capital city does not have a superb reputation and after some research you’ve probably learned that there really isn’t too much to see and do […]

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2 waterfront hotel seattle

The Watertown Hotel Seattle

“Whenever I go to Seattle I always stay at a Pineapple group hotel, they’re superb. Just spend a night in one of them and you’ll know why.” I have to admit that I had never heard about the Pineapple Group Hotels, but this sentence written by a female traveler that I read somewhere online when […]

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Seattle Bed & Breakfast Inn

A Bed & Breakfast is like your home away from home. There’s something about sleeping in a house and not a building that immediately makes everything more cozy and warm, don’t you think? And if the house appears to have some history, management is friendly and the food is good then all the better. Seattle […]

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