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Things to Do in the Islands of Cape Verde

Cape Verde ( is an island country that consists of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean, which are represented with one star per island in their flag, forming a circle that represents everything from unity to the globe and even a navigators compass. The 10 islands conforming Cape Verde are: Santo Antão, São […]

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11 On Safari in Tanzania, Africa

Everyone has their own picture-perfect image of Africa. My own personal vision, no doubt inspired by ‘The Lion King’, consists of vast stretches of grassland, punctuated by acacia trees and waterholes, surrounded by grazing zebras, elephants, and lions. Majestic mountains soaring above the savannah, silhouetted black against a vivid red sky at sunset. The sound […]

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10 5 Days in the City of Johannesburg

Much of my (limited) knowledge of South Africa and the city of Johannesburg stemmed from what I had read or seen on screen. As a student of English Literature the likes of J.M Coetzee feature highly on my reading lists and even from a school I remember studying obligatory post-apartheid literature – notably a moving […]

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