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14 Why I Hate China

Ok so I don’t hate China but man did this place screw me big time the first day I landed here. The plan was to fly into Beijing early in the morning, get to my hotel, settle in and then hit the Forbidden city in the afternoon. Well, some Chinese people just didn’t want that […]

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26 Why Visit Kuala Lumpur?

Any visitor to Kuala Lumpur is at once confronted with its collision of cultures; its sparse and glittering modern architecture and the extravagance of old designs, its celebration of economy and commerce, and tenderness towards life’s simple pleasures. There’s a vast array of unique things to do in Kuala Lumpur, ranging from cultural, to natural and […]

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8 Photo of the Week

Hill Tribes in Sapa, Vietnam Without a doubt the trekking in Sapa is my favorite in Vietnam. From the majestic mountains to the green pastures and the hill tribes that make sure you’re aware you’re far away from home this is one of the great adventure travel destinations in the world. Ignore all those people […]

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