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3 Photo of the Week

I took this photo during my visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan. Unfortunately the boy died three days later. Have you visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial? How did you feel after spending a few hours in it? Share your thoughts below…and this post too if you think it’s worth it!

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Photo of the week

The Dome in Hiroshima is one of the only three buildings within a 2 kilometer radius of the explosion’s epicenter that did not collapse on that dreadful morning of August 6th ín 1945. Known as the Gembaku Domu in Japanese  it was originally called the Industrial Promotion Hall and was designed to be a commercial […]

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8 Japan: Osaka and Kyoto during Obon

Obon is the most important holiday in Japan; it is the week when all the dead are remembered and mourned. This means that it is also the busiest holiday week of the year, thus the most expensive, and finding accommodation is most difficult (forget cheap accommodation). Within this context we made our way from Shizuoka […]

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