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27 Riding Elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Northern Thailand offers a plethora of travel adventures to travelers, but riding elephants in Chiang Mai is certainly amont the most enjoyable and interesting experiences you can be part of and certainly one of my favorite. It had actually been a dream of Liza for many years, and shortly after arriving to Bangkok we made […]

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5 Photo of the week

The Golden Triangle is an area where Thailand, Myanmar and Lao borders meet along the Mekong and Ruak  rivers. This spot is notorious for drug trafficking but is also an important tourist area, much more from the Thai side, where small villages and a few temples enhance the beauty of natural susurroundings

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Visiting Bangkok in One Day

Woohoo!! We were in Bangkok again, a city we already knew, enjoy and can get around quite easily, plus it is the best hub from where to fly pretty much anywhere in East Asia thanks to Air Asia, my favourite low cost airline. Thus, we allowed ourselves three nights prior to our flight to Bali, […]

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