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4 The Dark and Ugly Side of Vancouver

Don’t be fooled: despite its splendid architecture, window covered skyscrapers, clever layout and close relationship with nature (just look at the parks, the canals or the trees you’ll find atop so many buildings) there’s a not-so-pretty side to this otherwise very well known metropolis. No, I’m not going to write about its Eastside neighborhood, but rather […]

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23 Exploring Wild Wild Western Canada

Having lived in Montreal for most of my life, it felt strange that I’d never actually visited Vancouver, or anywhere in British Columbia for that matter (I had visited Ottawa though). Well, it turns out that taking a flight from Montreal to Vancouver only takes around two hours less than flying from London to Montreal. […]

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Winterlude in Ottawa, Ontario

My winter jaunt to Ottawa, Canada’s capital in the Province of Ontario, presented an icy vision in the form of ‘Winterlude’, a festival dedicated to all things white, cold and frozen. Visually arresting whilst perilous to fingers and toes, the festivities have an aura not unlike some of the scenes from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ […]

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