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18 Colombia Travel Guide Intro

Free New Travel Guide: Colombia

Mai Travel Guide: Colombia is a  free  Colombia  travel guide that includes all the information you need to visit this country, and is the second of the free Mai Travel destination guides, ready for you to download! One of the most misunderstood countries in the world today, Colombia is a perfect example of what a […]

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51 My Four Favorite Cities in Colombia

Colombia is known as a country full of traditions and beauty. It has  beautiful beaches and some spectacular archaeological finds that cannot be seen  anywhere else in the world. Yet perhaps surprisingly some of it’s biggest cities are full of character and destinations you must visit when in the country. These are the four I […]

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9 Video: Traveling in Colombia

I recently had a chance to travel accross Colombia and have to say it offers everything I expected and more. The food is delicious, people are extremely welcoming  and there’s plenty to see all around the country. I began my trip in the South comming from Ecuador and finished it in Cartagena de Indias, one […]

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17 Bogota: one great city in Colombia

It was not that long ago that Bogota was a city off limits to most people. In fact today only the travel savvy consider visiting Colombia’s capital, knowing that the dangerous days are long gone and a modern, cultural and invigorating city awaits those willing to venture there. I reached Bogota on an overnight bus […]

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3 Things to Do in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

My van ride from Zipaquira to Villa de Leyva was probably one of the scariest of my life. Drivers speed beyond recklessness and accidents are frequent, but I was lucky enough not to participate in any despite numerous scares. Riding shotgun might have been more comfortable than sitting in the back, but under these circumstances […]

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11 The Catedral de Sal in Zipaquira, Colombia

Sure, there are many cathedrals around the world, some big, others small… but had you ever heard of a cathedral made of salt? About an hour north of Bogota, in the outskirts of Zipaquira, sits the Catedral de Sal, a unique construction open to tourists and available for official religious ceremonies alike. Considered one of […]

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