May 26

Why a Charter Bus is the Best Way to Tour the Nation’s Capital

As the capital of our country, and being named after the very first President of the United States, Washington, D.C. is a city full of rich history. From the Washington Monument to the Smithsonian Museum, Washington has something to offer for people of all ages, making it an ideal field trip for a group of students or even an educational place to host a family reunion.

Now, big-city trips aren’t always easy--- especially if you are not familiar with that particular city. A trip with a large group of people in a city that is even larger requires meticulous planning… or does it? There has to be an easier way to enjoy all D.C. has to offer, right?

Short-Distance Travel

Now if you’re on the west coast while reading this, you’re probably thinking that it would actually be more comfortable to fly to Washington, D.C. instead. True, but charter buses aren’t just beneficial for long-distance travel.

If you’re on a family or group trip, whether flying in from out of town or being a native, you can rent from a Washington DC bus company for your entire group to travel through a big city has its perks. For one, your entire group can be together. You won’t have to worry about whose personal car or rental car to take to where. You’ll all be together on one form of transportation.

Charter buses also offer more flexibility. Your bus can stay with you for the entirety of your trip, so you won’t have to worry about modes of public transportation to get from one attraction to the next. Some of your group members staying in different hotels? No worries, you can have your bus driver pick up from different locations.

Charter Buses vs. Airplanes

Looking to plan a big family vacation or reunion? Well, if you live a significant distance away from your desired destination, your first thought is probably to book a flight. Well, a charter bus would probably be a better option.

For one, charter buses are usually cheaper than flights. You can split costs and modify your bus size depending on the number of passengers being transported. Another benefit is that you get more space. With reclining seats, more legroom, and extra storage capacity, your road trip won’t feel as cramped. Charter buses also have bathrooms on board, so that cuts down the amount of bathroom stops while on the road.

Want to make a stop anyway? Simply ask your bus driver to pull into a rest stop. Requesting a stop to stretch your legs is virtually impossible on an airplane.

Field Trips

Have you ever taken a school field trip on a regular yellow school bus and it was too uncomfortable? Chances are that very few schools have considered renting a charter bus to make school field trips less grievous and more enjoyable.

Why take a charter bus over a school bus?

Most field trips use an actual school bus. But is that always the best option? If you’re an education professional wanting to take your students to our nation’s capital to get a more in-depth learning experience, you might not want to travel on a school bus--- even if you’re in the D.C. area.

One reason is that the average school bus only seats up to 48 people (sitting two to a seat). Charter buses offer the flexibility of choosing your bus size to accommodate the number of people you need to transport. Most charter buses offer a full-size bus that can seat up to 57 people. This is more ideal for traveling with a group of students. The more passengers you can seat (comfortably) on a bus, the fewer number of buses you need to take; and therefore, keep track of.

Some charter bus companies even offer smaller buses for a smaller number of people. That way, you won’t have to take a big yellow school bus for just one class or a small number of students you plan on taking on a trip.


In a city with such a rich history and so many sites and attractions to offer, you’ll want your group to tour in the most efficient way possible. There simply are not many other options that offer the same flexibility and togetherness as a charter bus rental.


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