October 2

Meeting the Hmong in Sapa, Vietnam

If there is a place you should not miss in Vietnam it is Sapa, a small town in the NW area of the country. Located in a beautiful valley itis the village to see the Za and Hmnog tribes who live nearby and yet another place where nature will make you droll once more.

This time I have participated as a guest blogger in www.vietnamandcambodia.com; to read my post please click here http://www.vietnamandcambodia.com/2009/09/chmong-buy-from-me.html . However I have saved the best for my own blog- I strongly suggest you don’t miss the following slideshow because it contains some of the best pictures I have taken during this trip. Enjoy, comment and happy travels!


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  1. Hi there, do you recommend doing a tour from Hanoi? Can you rent the scooters from Sapa? Thanks for your help, really enjoying reading your blogs 🙂

    1. Hi there! I do recommend you book your tour to Sapa from Hanoi, and yes, it is very very easy to rent scooters in Sapa. As usual, simply bargain a little bit and you will get good deals. There is a trail in the outskirts that I found fascinating (most of the good Sapa pics in my site were taken there) thus feel free to ask about it!

  2. Very nice photos!
    We were also there for around 4 days. The first 3 days were completely foggy & very cold! But the last day the sun got out & we were also able to see the mountains around us! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Sapa was one of my favourite places of my 10 month trip, certainly in the top 5. I was told that in winter there is snow in the mountains sometimes! It is such a nice a place…specially when there is no fog!


  3. muchas gracias…a ver si consigo que vengan mas lectores poco a poco! La verdad es que vietnam dio muy bonitas fotos…

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