Exploring Busan, South Korea’s Beach City

busan beach

It is fair to say that because it is located in South Korea’s bottom tip the fairer climate and protected seas  are reason enough for all the things to do in Busan (Pusan). It has great beaches, natural parks, temples, it is well communicated, and should you want to hop over to Japan without flying you can do so from the only port in South Korea with ferries to the former empire of the rising sun, which is right here. Liza and I spent three days here before finally taking the leap to Fukuoka, and found this big city easy, modern and entertaining. My post on this city is very informative and a good resource that includes most of the things to do and see here, which in fact has been featured in Touristeye.com . So please click on the link at the end of this sentence that will take you straight to the article/ guide and where you’ll  learn about all the things to do in Busan.

What do you expect to find in Busan? Have you been here before? What were the highlights of your trip that you would like to recommend?

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