Malta: Learning English and Travelling in the Mediterranean

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What Is There to Do in Malta?

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Islands are some of the most beautiful of their kind in Europe. This relatively small country has so much to offer that even the most experienced travelers will need to prioritize what they see and do if their time is limited; whether it’s the numerous beautiful beaches, the multicultural historic architecture, diverse water and land based activities, the museums  or purely sightseeing Malta offers something for everyone.

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Learning English in Malta


One of the most famous highlights of the country is the so called Azure Window. Over time, the waves have shaped the rock by crashing against the cliffs and have slowly formed this stunning, window-like natural arch. The best views are to be found on Dwerja Point, a short distance by ferry from Gozo.

Next on the “to do” list is visiting a few of the numerous beautiful beaches which surround the island. From hidden, deserted, natural beaches to typical tourist beaches – Malta has it all. So, it’s definitely worth planning some time to sunbathe and enjoy the refreshing, crystal-clear water. A little tip: the best beaches, such as Paradise Bay and Mellieha are to be found in the North of the island.

It is Malta’s crystal-clear water which makes the island one of the best places in the world to go scuba-diving and snorkeling.  Whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced diver, diving into the island’s breathtaking underwater world and exploring the diverse and colourful scenery is an unforgettable experience.

Back on dry land head to Marsaxlokk where another unique experience is waiting – this time, a culinary one. As an island, seafood is one of Malta’s delicacies. The authentic local fish market on the seafront of this traditional fishing village offers many different kinds of fresh fish and seafood at very affordable rates.



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For those who want to travel back in time and experience the island’s rich history, the city of Mdina comes highly recommended. Known as the Silent City, its narrow cobbled streets and charming houses give the impression of wandering through medieval times and make Mdina one of the most traditional and fascinating cities in Malta. For something a little more hands-on why not stop off at the city’s glass factory and have a go at glass-blowing and experience first-hand what a medieval job was like?

Further insight into the island’s fascinating history is learned by a visit to the ancient temples of  Hagar Qim, Mnajdra and the Tarxien Temples. Away from the islands’ history, their local cultures and traditions can be experienced during each village’s ‘festa’. Deeply rooted in Maltese culture, a village’s ‘festa’ celebrates its own patron saint; residents decorate the streets and indulge in good food and drink before the climax of the evening – the fireworks display. This is followed by a trip to a local nightclub, usually in Peaceville, and dancing until the early hours of the morning. The following day sees a mass and parade through the streets.

Why Choose to Learn English in Malta?

English is the second official language of Malta so communication with the islanders and integration into Maltese culture is extremely convenient; finding out about Malta, its culture and its people is made so much easier as an English speaker! All the more reason, therefore, to take the opportunity to improve your English skills as well as enjoying an unforgettable holiday.

Language learners are guaranteed success on Malta, not only as it is a formerly bi-lingual British colony, but also due to the fact that most language schools are regulated by the EFL Monitoring Board, ensuring quality is maintained throughout language teaching. Here, the English language school Maltalingua is not only one of them but also offers outstanding quality of teachers, course content and is well situated not far from the beach in the beautiful city St. Julian’s.

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English study group

So you’ve decided on an English language course on the sun-kissed, history-rich island of Malta, why choose Maltalingua for your course? Maltalingua’s language school is representative of the island of Malta – situated in a historic building but having recently been renovated and modernized welcoming English learners from all over the world. Their teachers are all highly qualified and the language school is British run making Maltalingua’s English language courses an extremely attractive option on your route to learning English – whatever your specific goals. Maltalingua’s team of highly professional English teachers all have an accredited qualification in teaching English as a foreign language, e.g. a TEFL certificate, CELTA or DELTA which guarantees that the level of teaching is consistently high through all English language courses.  In addition to the high quality of teaching you will find at Maltalingua, the school is also ideally located in the heart of Malta overlooking the beautiful and lively St. Julian’s Bay.

If you prefer something a little more relaxing outside of your lessons, the school also has a private swimming pool and roof terrace and a chill out room available to all of Maltalingua’s students. Staff at the language school offer not only quality language courses but also actively encourage students to explore the island during their stay offering many trips and excursions around Malta and beyond. Still not convinced that Maltalingua is the language school for you? With language courses specifically tailored to your needs including junior courses, business English classes or IELTS preparation, modern, fully air-conditioned classrooms, a language school in the heart of a picturesque, historical island, what more could you ask for? All of this is available at an extremely competitive price with no agency fees and no booking fees; you really do get what you pay for and more with a Maltalingua language course.

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