June 22

Mumbai Travel Entry Guidelines

Mumbai is one of the most diverse cities in India and one of the largest cities in the world. It is best to avoid visiting Mumbai during periods when there are festivals, as traffic will be unbearable.

The monsoon or winter season can also prove difficult for travel due to heavy downpours and a rise in disease circulation. Travelling is a breeze with the metro systems in place and more being introduced. Mumbai is on the Western Railway network and has direct trains linking it to Delhi. The journey takes approximately 20 hours and is a fantastic experience because it passes through Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Mumbai has been attracting a lot of tourists from across the world due to its unique positioning and many attractions. However, locals and foreign tourists need to be aware of some rules that must be followed when visiting Mumbai city. It is more than just a place to live in, it is a place where you can let loose and do some crazy things.

There are many things that you can do on a Dubai to Mumbai flight with your family or with friends.


PCR test report within 72 hours or full primary vaccination schedule to be submitted

In India, children must carry proof of primary vaccination, a test report, or a complete primary vaccination schedule. This is valid for 72 hours on entering Mumbai.

Anyone who may be subject to a more significant fine if found without vaccination has the option at a private clinic in Mumbai International Airport to quickly get vaccinated without any paperwork, pay the money, and get it done.

Childless couples or unmarried students are exempted from this requirement if they have a single vaccination certificate or a complete primary schedule.

Air Suvidha portal - Self-declaration form filling 

The Ministry of Tourism has launched a new portal called Air Suvidha portal, which makes the process of filling in the form self-declaration.

Anyone who is travelling to India can fill in the form, which is available on all Airline and CAB websites, and it will automatically lead you to this new website where you will have to fill in your details and details of your trip and a statement stating that you do not have any allergies. 

This is an exclusive website for people travelling to India; once you have filled in the form, the Ministry of Tourism will take care of the rest. This process will be handled separately for people travelling by train.

Requirements for the Arogya Setu app  

To use the Arogya Setu app, you must have a smartphone or tablet to access it. Once you have downloaded the app and opened up it, you can use this app to help with any queries related to your health, which is a good thing to know as an Indian citizen. You will also be given a choice to set up your medical history and fill in the information of your blood group, allergies, surgeries you have done, and any medical conditions you have.

The Arogya Setu app is only for Indian citizens, and the Ministry of Tourism launched it in association with CAB, which stands for Confederation of Indian Airlines. Since this is a new app, it is essential to keep your mobile device updated with all software updates so that you can continue to use this app.

Thermal screening on arrival 

The new airport terminal has been built with a glass facade in all directions. The indoor parts of the terminal are filled with transparent material, which can get very hot in the summers and be very slippery. To protect everyone using this terminal, all visitors will have to undergo thermal screening before entering the terminal.

There is a small machine you have to walk through so that anyone who needs to undergo this scanning process will walk through it and then sit down for a few minutes while their temperature is measured. If the temperature exceeds 38°C, you will have to wait a few more hours until you are ready to enter the terminal.

There is also a new cooling system in place, so even if there is a lot of traffic into the terminal due to festivals and other events such as cricket matches, you will not have to worry about getting burned.

Random testing (2% of travellers are tested randomly) 

All travellers will be randomly tested for drug use as part of security. No information will be collected or shared with anybody unless the Government decides to do so later. India uses this measure as it is one of the few countries in the world that has implemented similar measures.

Tourists can also be tested before entering the country, but in this case, there will not be screens or testing machines, just a question and answer session with a doctor to determine whether they need to be tested.

Self-monitoring for 14 days from arrival 

The Ministry of Tourism has introduced a new program for you to use, a tool that will allow you to track your weight and other personal health-related information online. This will be available to download in the IT app store on all smartphones and devices in the Indian market.

The Ministry of Tourism is trying to raise awareness among all citizens about the importance of taking care of their health, as they wish to promote better health care throughout the country.

This is a good step forward to improving the wellness of all citizens, who will be able to monitor their weight, blood pressure and other things that are stored in the app and can be easily viewed via a smartphone or desktop.

The Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health have decided that all citizens travelling to India can now enjoy a cleaner, safer, healthier travel experience. These are only a few changes that will be implemented, but many more still need to be made for the country to ensure a better quality of life for all its citizens. All travellers to India will enjoy a cleaner and safer experience. The country will also benefit from this change, as it will increase the tourism industry and make India a desirable tourist destination in Asia.


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