Photo of the Week: Wax Palms in Valle del Cocora, Colombia

wax palms in valle del cocora

In a country where breathtaking views are nothing extraordinary, Colombia’s Valle del Cocora in Salento offers what I believe are some of the most spectacular of them all. On a clear day the intense green mountains engulf you as you ride a Jeep Willy’s to the trekking area, where small paths eventually lead you to where these edemic palm trees grow. These palm trees in Quindio state are Colombia’s national tree and can be up to 60 m high. Imagine what it can feel like to sip a cup of the world’s best coffee after enjoying a trek with these views!(click photo to enlarge)

Have you visited Colombia? If you have, I hope you did not miss this unique valley…what did you like best? Share your thoughts below, and this photo too if you liked it!

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