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sapa hill tribes

Hill Tribes in Sapa, Vietnam

Without a doubt the trekking in Sapa is my favorite in Vietnam. From the majestic mountains to the green pastures and the hill tribes that make sure you’re aware you’re far away from home this is one of the great adventure travel destinations in the world. Ignore all those people who say that that Hmong ladies are a nuisance with their “Buy from me” phrase- a few smiles and a short engaging conversation will make you realize all they want to do is make a living, yet are of a friendly nature. There are several Sapa tours available, most of them taking you to the valley where many Hmong ladies live sooner or later. Another activity you shouldn’t miss is to rent a scooter and drive across the unpaved roads without a fixed destination, stopping whenever you want. Have you camera poised at all times because the photo opportunities are endless. Don’t miss my Sapa pictures in Flickr to get an excellent idea of what the trekking in Sapa is like-I bet you’ll want to travel there right after seeing them!

What other places in the world do you think always result in great photography opportunities?

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