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the dome hiroshima

The Dome in Hiroshima is one of the only three buildings within a 2 kilometer radius of the explosion’s epicenter that did not collapse on that dreadful morning of August 6th ín 1945. Known as the Gembaku Domu in Japanese  it was originally called the Industrial Promotion Hall and was designed to be a commercial exhibition hall.  First opened to the public in 1915 it was a successful structure that became a landmark along the Motoyasu River; where workers and tradesmen would come her every morning to accomplish their duties just as they did on that day. None of them survived.

Today the Dome is a symbol of piece that must be crossed on the way to the Hiroshima War Memorial, a museum you must not miss when in the city eventhough it wont make your day any better.

I’m curious: what does this picture make you think?

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