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possum in sydney

Cities are made for humans but as we all know there are a few animals that have made them their home as well. In most places around the world these animals are pigeons, mice, rats, plenty of insects, dogs, cats and others of the sort.  But come to Australia and again things are a little different.  While visiting Sydney we found out that not only does this city have plenty of colorful birds like Rainbow Lorikeets, Cockatoos, Ibis and Rosellas, but strange animals too.  Walking along Anzac War Memorial park at night we found these cute creatures  that appeared to be shy yet interested in us. We had never seen these animals before and were not sure if they were dangerous or not until we asked somebody who walked by, and found out that they are urban possums, one of the most common marsupials in Australia . These animals are not natural city dwellers, but because their natural habitats are being destroyed they have tried urban life and dicovered that humans generate heat in their houses and throw food away too. Why go back to hunt for food in the cold forest? They enjoyed our donut and we enjoyed their presence.

Did you get to see them when there? What’s the weirdest animal you have ever seen in a city? If you liked this post please remember to “Like” it…and share it!

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