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How To Plan The Perfect Family Vacation

There are many benefits to going on holiday with your family. To begin with, it can be a great way to teach your children more about the world around them, as they experience different sights and cultures. It can also prove to be a great bonding experience, as you get to spend quality time together away from the chaos of everyday life. 

However, family vacations can also be expensive and difficult to plan. After all, it's not as simple as solo travel, where you only have yourself to think about. That being said, with careful planning, you can ensure your trip is a good one.

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With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to plan the perfect family vacation! 

  • Think about what kind of vacation you are looking for. The first step towards planning any vacation is deciding which kind of trip you are looking for. For example, do you want a beachside trip where you can swim in the sea and soak up the sun? Or do you want to set out on a road trip to work your way through your bucket list? Having a clear idea in your mind will make planning a lot easier.

  • Choose your budget. Believe it or not, it's possible to plan a great family vacation on a budget, you simply need to have a clear idea in mind of how much money you can spend ahead of time. The earlier you decide upon a budget, the better, as this also gives you a chance to save up some extra cash for your trip. 

  • Find the right accommodation. One of the greatest joys of travelling is that no two places are the same, which means there are always hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation style. For example, if you are planning a truly adventurous holiday, then you might want to focus on accommodation options that allow you to spend more time in the great outdoors. For example, you could look into caravan and camping parks in Devon. Not only is this a great way to kickstart your family adventure, but it is often much cheaper than booking a hotel or bed and breakfast. 

  • Put together an itinerary. If your daily schedule is jam-packed, you might not be too keen on the idea of putting together an itinerary for your trip, especially if you’d rather go with the flow. However, you should make sure you have some idea of what you want to do (and when) so that you’re able to make the most of your time. For example, if you want to schedule some hiking during your vacation, planning out your hikes ahead of time means you can choose the days with the best weather while also ensuring you don’t forget to pack any essential gear in your suitcase. 

  • Check prices on other sites before booking. When planning a family vacation, you should make sure each member of the family has a say in which attractions you visit. However, this can sometimes be the most expensive part of the trip, especially when visiting top tourist attractions such as theme parks. In this case, be sure you check plenty of reputable sites before booking to ensure you are getting the best value for money. For example, third-party ticket sellers often drive the prices much higher than they would be if you contacted the venue directly. You can also use price comparison sites when arranging your accommodation. For example, Skyscanner will compare the prices of different flights on your behalf, helping you find the best possible deal.  

  • Find free things to do. There are plenty of free things to do on holiday, which is good news for your bank account. For example, instead of heading to a tourist trap, why not ask locals for some of the best places to visit in the area in terms of parks or areas of natural beauty. This way, you’ll experience the place you are staying in a new light. Museums, galleries and similar attractions also tend to be free, which could be a cool way to learn about the city you are visiting and ensure your trip is fun and educational.

Live in the moment. This tip applies more to the trip itself rather than the planning process, but you must learn to live in the moment when travelling. For example, while snapping a few photos here, and it is fine, don’t spend your entire trip behind the screen. Focus on making real memories instead!


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