March 2

Quito and La Mitad del Mundo

Welcome to the middle of the world. Literally. La Mitad del Mundo is one of the most interesting attractions in Quito, about one hour away from the capital’s city center. A must for any tourist, it is where the Equator line goes through with a little twist: officially, there is a huge monument marking the spot where the equator goes through, however little museum opened right by challenging the official spot and prooving (in my opinion) that they are right. They do so via a series of engaging activities enough to keep you busy a full afternoon and will  learn some cool things about Ecuador and gravitational physics along the ay (oh boy).

There are several other interesting places  within the city that you can read about in my entry Quito and La Mitad del Mundo published in One Travel Blog as a guest blogger.  Check it out! Once done (or before) make sure you watch the video below these lines with some of the activities you can enjoy in the Intinan museum! This video has been posted with their consent, and you can check their website with more information at .


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