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Responsible Family Luxury Travel

Responsible Travel is a concept that has become significant for every country in the 21st century. We are consuming and wasting so many resources at an alarming speed in the name of tourism that the local people have started struggling.

But countries have come together to make travel responsible and sustainable so that neither tourists face problems nor the locals. This article will tell you how some of the countries are working towards their sustainable development goals.


Tanzania is located in the East Africa region and hosts lakhs of tourists every year. Tanzania is home to vast natural reserves and holds diverse cultures. One of the most important tourist attractions in Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro. It attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The Tanzania government has taken the help of many non-profit organisations to maintain responsible tourism in the country. Mount Kilimanjaro is the main focus of the country due to its increasing tourism amount every year. The private non-profit sectors advise people visiting the mountain to opt for less busy routes, limiting the foot traffic and damage. Moreover, the private sector is urging people to opt for a luxury Mount Kilimanjaro holiday tour hike to the base camp. It will help them understand the mountain better because local guides have every bit of information.


India is a large tourist hub where people worldwide come to see the biodiversity, many beautiful destinations or historical monuments. India has a very vast history that can be traced to every corner of the country. There are more than a thousand tourist places in India that one can visit. The 7th wonder of the world is also in India, the Taj Mahal, one of the architectural wonders.

Despite having so rich tourism, India still lacks in providing ecotourism to the tourists. The responsible tourism concept has been present in the country for a while now. The government is trying their best to provide information regarding being accountable during the visits to different places in the country. Notice boards have been installed to make them aware of dos and don’ts.

Waste management is the major challenge for sustainable tourism in the country, especially the plastic waste of water bottles and polythene. In the wake of this, the Government of India decided to ban the use of single-use plastic from the year 2022. This will help them keep the tourist destinations free from waste and further develop the spots for better waste management.


Greece has been Europe’s most desirable tourist destination for a very long time. Greece’s tourism revenue accounts for about 20% of the GDP of the country. The country offers numerous tourist activities and visiting spots to explore. There are 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece and offers activities ranging from cycling to hiking and water sports to small ship cruising. There are hundreds of idyllic islands and world-famous archaeological ruins that attract many tourists every year.

Moreover, people have started taking ferries instead of flights to explore different islands in Greece. Many people come with family in Crete and prefer staying in luxurious Crete holiday villas. Crete gives the best experience of enjoying quality time with your family in luxurious villas where every amenity is pure luxury.

Nonetheless, the increase in tourism is good for the economy but has its setbacks also; Greece faces few problems and struggles to follow the concept of responsible tourism. One such problem is over-tourism. The country hosts about 30 million tourists every year on average, which is further increasing every year. Over-tourism impacts the management of resources on the small island communities, and it also risks the preservation of ancient sites.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the tiny nation which guarantees you the best raw nature experience during your visit with the promise of safety and comfort. Despite its small geographical area, the country can draw over millions of tourists every year. The nation has many activities like wildlife holidays, spending time with turtles, exploring the inhabitants and many more.

As such a small country, Costa Rica has managed to sustainably develop its tourism percentage by practising many changes in the past few years but still faces one major problem. The nation is still home to about sixty thousand indigenous Costa Rican who live in far-flung, isolated places.

The survival of these people relies on the forest and rivers. Most of them have the occupation of fruit bearers and fishermen. But they are facing danger now due to tourism. Few reports suggest that forty per cent of their land is acquired by non-indigenous landowners, who will use the land for mining and oil extraction. If this keeps on happening, then the main element of their tourism, providing the experience of the Costa Rican culture, will end.


Tourism is relatively a new concept for Bhutan as there is no specific record of tourism in Bhutan. Bhutan is located in the East Asia region, and it is among the slowest growing countries compared to other countries of the area. It is enough to account that tourism was not a significant part of the concern for the country until the inception of its new King.

The western-educated young King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, has a new tourism plan and pays direct attention to it. The country now offers various exciting activities to the tourists like paragliding, mountain trekking, cultural tour of Bhutan and snowman trek. The government of Bhutan charges $250 as the entrance fee from tourists, which is like a tax which they use for the development work for better tourist facilities.

Bhutan also believes in the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism. That’s why the government is paying attention to the development programmes. They spend $80 out of every $250 towards the education of children in the country. Moreover, 30% of the total population is living below the poverty line, but still, there is no sign of beggars or slums or homeless people. It implies that the government must be doing some outstanding work to manage their sustainable development goals.


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