August 30

Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It has long been a purpose of mine to swim with dolphins and maybe even interact with them, but if there was one thing I was hoping I’d be able to achieve when doing so was to enjoy the company of these extraordinary animals in their environment, not ours. No, I don’t mean I was looking to meet them on the street rather than in the water, but that I wanted to see them in the ocean, not in swimming pools. Finally, this has become a reality.

dolphins puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has been for many decades a popular whale watching location in Mexico’s Pacific, but for some reason dolphin watching has escaped many visitors lists of things to do while here. Fortunately, it did make it into ours.

dolphins puerto vallarta

Out of all the tour operators in Puerto Vallarta only Wildlife Connection guarantees you will see dolphins in the tour, and depending on their mood you’ll be able to swim with them, and usually you do. The best part of joining a tour with them is that they’re actually a group of biologists that has been studying the same pod for over 30 years, and the money you pay for the tour (58-68 USD depending on season) is used to fund the research.

Lasting about 4 hours, the tour begins at 9 am with an interesting 30 minute presentation you’ll be able to follow along while sipping some juice or coffee, and by the time it’s over you’ll be in the right mood to head into the ocean.

Once on the boat, Eduardo (and you too) will be on the lookout to spot the pod, which can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes away, but seeing them is guaranteed. And once spotted, the real fun begins. The excitement builds up as you get closer, and once in the water you simply cannot have enough of it all. The dolphins will swim over to you and as long as you’re moving underwater they will stick around, until they get bored and move on. But don’t worry, you’ll get back on the boat and catch up with them for a repeat.

dolphins puerto vallarta

The experience is one of a kind, truly enjoyable and appropriate for all ages. If there’s anything that can have a negative effect on it it will be the underwater visibility, but that of course is in nature’s hands. During the rainy season rivers bring silt from the mountains which remains in suspension once it reaches the ocean; if the dolphins happen to be hanging around in the murky water then your pictures will not look as good and swimming with them might be pointless. This said, check the pictures below: we did this during the rainy season and the dolphins were swimming where the water is clean, which is what they usually do. All in all I give the tour 5 points out of 5 and highly recommend it if you visit Puerto Vallarta; simply contact Eduardo or anybody in his team via their website or call them at +52 1 322 2271645 / +52 1 322 1002908.

Have you ever swum with dolphins in the wild? Anywhere else? Were you afraid at some point like some people are? What did you like most of the experience? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!

Disclosure: we were given a 75% discount on the tour, however this has not affected in any way the opinions and descriptions shared in this article.


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  1. This is a wonderful post! What is so great is that you are showing people there are alternatives to the captive dolphin programs in Mexico. I think most people only think of Dolphin Discovery when they think of swimming with dolphins in Mexico. There is nothing like spending time with dolphins in the wild. The tour operator sounds terrific. Thanks again!

    1. Yup, which is a pity. Dolphin Discovery with Vallarta Adventures might be fun, but there’s nothing like seeing them in the wild.

  2. Its cool. I wish i could swim together with dolphin im a bit scared but i want to experience.Thank you for sharing the picture love it.

  3. Super cool that you got to swim with them in the wild. After watching “The Cove,” I’m vehemently against swimming with dolphins in captivity. So I love that there is the opportunity to still interact with this creatures but allow them to remain in their natural habitat. I bet that makes it much more special!

  4. Awww! This sounds and looks so amazing! I was asked to come feed the whales and dolphins at a seaworld show when I was 10, but I told them no cause I was scared 🙁 I’m totally ready now though haha.

  5. Wow…This was something that I always wanted to do. Then I visited a dolphin research centre and had second thoughts…I wrote about that and you kindly stopped by to direct me to this post. Now I am thinking again…Great pictures, great food for thought.

  6. Glad that your dream of swimming with dolphins became a reality! And such a wonderful location for it — Puerto Vallerta. Haven’t been there in years — time to go back! Your photos are excellent.

    1. Thanks Cathy! You should…in fact I recently held a contest that gave away a 1 week stay in an apartment here. There is a winner already though!

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