Swimming With Turtles in Oahu, Hawaii (Video)

Hawaii is the perfect place to enjoy all things water related, and not surprisingly it is also the ideal place to go swimming with turtles. If in Oahu the easiest way to accomplish this is by joining a tour that will take you to the west coast of the island, but if you feel like going on your own then head to Turtle Bay. This spot is superb to find these delightful creatures, but if you also want to go snorkeling Shark’s Cove, a popular spot, is only 10 minutes away. Watch the video and enjoy the travel tips!

Have you been swimming with turtles during your travels? Where at? How was your experience? After seeing this video, would Turtle Bay be a place you’d check out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and this post/video too if you liked it!

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