July 22

Experience An Authentic Western Cowboy Adventure With A Texas Ranch Vacation

During the late 1800s and early to mid 1900s, curious city folk would visit ranches to try and experience the cowboy lifestyle, and they would engage in activities such as riding horses or being exploring the wilderness. Back then, they’d accept visitors for free since it was considered an insult to pay for their hospitality, but because of the growing popularity of this activity, ranch owners eventually took an opportunity to make a business out of it. 

Dude ranch vacations remain to be fairly popular even up to this day, and because of the privacy and seclusion ranches offer, they’ve notably spiked in demand during the ongoing pandemic. So if you’re ever in the mood to take a break from the big city and technology, perhaps you’d like to try going to a dude ranch. The term “dude” was what cowboys had referred to city slickers back then, but don’t worry—women and other family members are welcome too.

Picking your type of ranch vacation

Dude ranches are also known as “guest ranches”, and they make up the majority of ranches in Texas. According to https://texasland.com/, ranches are types of land that are used for various different purposes, from recreational activities to farming, so dude ranches also come in different types. What’s different about each type of ranch is the type of accommodation and facilities that they have. A traditional dude ranch allows you to experience a Western all-inclusive stay, though if you’re hoping to add some luxury into your ranch experience, then resort ranches are there for you with additional services like swimming pools and spas. If you really want to have a first-hand, genuine cowboy lifestyle, then you can work alongside ranch hands in working ranches. While all ranches are guaranteed to give you their own feel of Western adventure, each type of ranch offers their own unique experience for guests.

Participate in all kinds of activities

While the list of activities depend on the ranch, what guests can most definitely expect at ranch vacations are the horses. No cowboy adventure would be complete without horseback riding, and they’re the main and biggest attraction ranches have to offer. Other fun outdoor activities include hiking, biking, camping. For some water-related activities, there’s fishing and boating or rafting. The scenic nature-filled surroundings also make it perfect for guests to cook, have a picnic, or a barbeque party. Other ranches even offer on-site activities such as archery, yoga, and petting zoos. To add to the Western experience, ranch vacations also have country music and dancing that guests can listen to or take part in. 

Dude ranches provide a large variety of family-friendly activities, along with hearty meals for visitors to enjoy the Western cowboy lifestyle as much as possible. There’s no need for guests to feel intimidated or pressured as dude ranches will gladly accommodate guests of any age or experience. So if you're planning to go on a holiday this year, make it a ranch vacation to get closer to nature and experience the cowboy lifestyle.  


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