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Things to Check Before Settling in a Cabin

When going on a family vacation, you must first look for booking a cabin, a condominium, or any other lodging that suits you and your family's needs. It’s safe to say, if your stay is not comfortable, your entire getaway vacation could be ruined.

Hence, it’s vital to pick the right spot close to where you are visiting. Additionally, look at how many rooms your group requires and the facility's services.

Once you complete your booking, make your travel arrangements and check into your booked lodge. However, it would be best to consider a few things before settling in.


Before settling into your lodge, you must familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Your lodging experience depends on multiple factors, such as the check-in process, the room's cleanliness, amenities, the room temperature, etc. To make the most of your stay, it would be wise to talk to the lodging staff regarding scenic spots and must-visit areas.

Let us look at some essential elements that can make your stay enjoyable.

Take a Walk around the Area

It is vital to survey an area before, especially if you have never been there before. Check out the spots around the place where you would be staying. It will help you avail any everyday services you may require. For example, an ATM, shops, cafes, laundry, and ironing service if your lodge does not offer one.

If you choose your vacation spot in the Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you can check out condos in Pigeon Forge that offer amenities other than the living space. Pigeon Forge is near the Great Mountains and has camping grounds that offer cabins for rent, camps, condominiums, and other activities. You can also travel small distances by going to the Central Trolley Station and visiting tourist spots.

The place offers an even better experience in Dollywood, with outclass wine and dine experience, theme parks, and activities for the entire family. All these activities take place near your cabin. Therefore, it is good to check out the surrounding area to overview the site.

Talk with Your Staff

Consider talking with the lodging staff while you check out the lodging spots. You’ll likely find more attractions within that area to make your stay more memorable.

The lodging staff might have information about scenic spots, photography spots, or even safe areas worth exploring nearby. Getting familiar with the lodging staff could help you familiarize yourself with amenities and make your stay more comfortable.

It is always better to know the people around you. Interacting with the staff also helps you learn about their culture, especially if you are from a completely different place.

Make Sure You Have Enough Supplies

It is always better to check if you have enough towels, blankets, pillows, toiletries, and other necessary supplies in your room. You should do this, especially if the lodging service accommodates many people.


Living out of a suitcase can wrinkle your clothes and make your things unorganized. Before settling in, unpack your suitcase and neatly organize it, especially if you plan to stay for long.

Almost every lodging space you visit has a wardrobe and a dresser to place your stuff. It makes it easy when changing your clothes and getting ready to go out.

Now, let us look at some cleanliness and safety measures you must take before settling in your lodge.

Proper Sanitization

Some people have a hard time staying in hotels and cabins due to cleanliness concerns. Though most cottages and condominiums offer a daily cleaning service, you can take some steps to ensure it yourself, especially in the post-Covid era.

Check for Reviews

Checking out hotel reviews always helps in making the right decision. They usually include customer service, cleanliness, and other amenities that visitors appreciate. It will help you decide since hotels do not have international standards for cleanliness. Therefore, some hotels list cleanliness as an evaluation review to help potential visitors choose regarding their stay. You can visit certain websites that show hotel reviews to get a clear idea.

Get Cleaning Supplies from a Nearby Store

If you doubt the room's hygiene, you can visit a nearby shop to get cleaning supplies. Remember to bring a disinfectant spray when you go shopping. It is imperative now during post-COVID days. Even though the pandemic is almost over, you must still be careful.

In addition, get bleach, gloves, dish wash soap, and zip-lock bags. These items are essential if you stay in a cabin with little to no room service. Check what cleaning services your lodge offers. Some hotels only provide vital cleaning services. Therefore, if you want to go the extra mile, you must take care of it yourself instead of risking it.

Check the Bedsheets

This one is easy to tell. If the bed sheets don’t look fresh out of the wash, talk to the lodging staff to change them. Hygiene is critical, and if this is overlooked, it’ll likely be mentioned in the reviews. So, before you settle for any lodging, consider going through the reviews on Google My Business or social media.

Do Not Use Glassware

Germs spread faster if you use cloudy or used glassware. Therefore, rinse it under hot water for a minute to kill all the germs before using it. Alternatively, bring a travel mug or use disposable glasses.

Sanitize and Wipe all Hard Surfaces

Use a disinfectant to wipe all hard surfaces like coffee tables, dining tables, desks, dressers, or nightstands. Additionally, sanitize the toilet, including the toilet lid and the seat.

Ask your staff to disinfect your room before you settle into it. Some of the commonly overlooked areas are the TV remote, room service intercom, switches, door knobs, and handles – so make sure to check the cleanliness.

Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are widespread and easy to transfer. They are not just on the bed but also on carpets and sofas. If you find these bed bugs during your stay, consider placing your bags in the bathtub where the bed bugs cannot go and reach out to your lodging staff.

Before settling into the room, consider removing the duvets and inspecting the beds. One of the easiest tells regarding bed bugs is black or brown stains on covers, mattresses, or sofa cushions since they can eat up the fabric and leave large bumps. Remember that bed bugs are tiny.

Therefore, inspect every inch of the bedspreads, duvets, carpets, and sofas.

If you find even a few bed bugs, immediately take your luggage and report to the front desk. Do not check-in before making sure your room is free of bed bugs.


A fun-filled holiday can become troublesome without proper planning. Make your stay comfortable by following the above guidelines. They will help you pick the best place to stay while on vacation.

When vetting out lodging, go through the reviews. You’ll even find pictures on GMB, which should give you an idea of what kind of a place you’d be staying. The last thing you’d want is to catch an infection or get sick due to negligence of the place where you’re staying.

Therefore, check whether your room fulfills the sanitization standards before checking in or settling in.


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