Thinking About Visiting Spain Soon? This May Help

Whatever the occasion or time of year, Spain is bound to impress.  If visiting Spain has been something you have always dreamed of taken or a destination you would like to revisit, then let the numerous travel professionals at the Conexion Spain Virtual Trade Show help you plan your next trip.

Visiting Spain

There are many ways to discover Spain. You can do so through the many scenic and gastronomic experiences the county has to offer:  attend a soccer game in Madrid, visit the beautiful Canary Islands and check out the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Tapas tours, especially in Granada or Seville are a wonderful excursion full of gastronomic delight for the food lover in all of us. If high end dining is more your style, you will be pleased to know that the Spain’s restaurant industry has more Michelin stars than any other country, one of the highest culinary honors that can be awarded.

conexion spain trade show

If you would prefer a more educational experience, touring the many famous historical routes of Spain will be an adventure you will find ever so intriguing. Choose from the Silver Route, the Paths of Sepharad or the Way of St James and many more! Why not try to learn some Spanish while visiting Spain? Spain is a country full of history, so there is no shortage of monuments and cathedrals to visit. Squeeze in a peek at the Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia which is expected to be the tallest church in Spain once it is finished or the Seville Cathedral which is the largest gothic cathedral in the world and the fourth largest church in the world. If you have time, stop by the Palacio Real de Madrid (Royal Palace of Madrid)- it is really quite a sight.

Planning an international trip is overwhelming for anyone, that’s why having the chance to web chat with travel professionals that specialize in Spanish tourism can really help make the task easier. Find out which excursions you really connect with and which cities suit you most to customize your trip solely to your personality.

Conexion Spain Virtual Trade Show

Registration is free and you have the luxury of all this information and over 40 different vendors readily at your fingertips and from the comfort of your own home.  For your convenience, the show is open for 48 hours straight starting at 12am EST April 10th. There are also many amazing prizes to be won including 2 grand prize round trip vacations to Spain leaving from New York and Toronto, worth over $4000 each.  There are also many multi city vacations, allowing you to experience the wonders of everywhere from Zaragoza, Seville, golfing in the Murcia Region, Marbella, Barcelona , Madrid and more! To register or to check out the prizes, click here to visit the Conexion Spain Virtual Trade Show website.

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