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How To Get Upgraded Flight Tickets to Spain

One doesn’t need many reasons to travel to Spain if he has a heart that loves diversity. Whether you are a Spanish going home or a traveler looking to explore, everyone wants a comfortable journey without going broke with a business class ticket. The good news is that you can travel to Spain in business class […]

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You Can Afford to Do Nothing on Vacation

Because people can be so different on many levels, different things bring them joy on a regular basis. Whatever their passions may be, they all need a little break from the usual routine. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all method for relaxation, and everyone can have their favorite. Not doing anything may feel like a waste […]

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How To Avoid This Common Travel Disease: Malaria

The primary concern of any traveller should be to avoid contracting diseases on their carefully planned trips, especially when it comes to a disease like malaria. Malaria is a common disease in tropical and subtropical regions and can be potentially fatal if prompt and proper treatment is not undertaken. It is carried by female Anopheles mosquitoes […]

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Tips for Going on a Road Trip With Kids

            Despite what you may think, going on a road trip with kids is not a frightful deed that only brave parents can handle. Fear not the “Are we there yet?” song on repeat coming from the back seat! With the right planning and these tips, your next family road […]

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Typical Food to Eat in Berlin

Berliners love to eat, and you’ll see why after trying a few of the city’s most popular dishes. As one of Europe’s most vibrant cultural hubs, Berlin’s feisty food scene is an ever-changing melange of classic and edgy. Needless to say, it’s more than just pretzels and schnitzels (though there’s plenty of those, too). To […]

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5 Tartan Travel Hacks for Scotland

If you’re a fan of TV’s Outlander, have seen Braveheart countless times, find bagpipe music blissful and whisky runs in your veins, you’ve either got Scottish roots for real, or secretly wish you had.According to readers of Rough Guides, Scotland’s legendary lochs, gorgeous glens and windswept castles make it the most beautiful country in the […]

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Botanical Gardens Around the Globe

As far back as 3000 years ago, humans have been creating gardens for both practical and sentimental reasons. The Romans cultivated a host of plants for medicinal use, and many cultures to follow have done so just for the beauty and tranquility that a garden can provide. Today, botanical gardens serve an even more important […]

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5 Tips to Enjoy the Outdoors on a Budget

More than 17 million people in the UK enjoy outdoors-style holidays each year. But, if the funds don’t allow for you and the family to head off on what can be a costly break, then you might be looking for cheaper alternatives that still allow you to indulge in the outdoors. If you’re keen to avoid […]

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Exploring Magnificent New Zealand

Kiwis like to say New Zealand has a bit of everything for anyone, and it’s hard to disagree. This small, relatively sparsely habited island nation has everything from beaches to snow capped mountains, rolling farmlands to modern cities. One day you can be skiing, the next you can be relaxing on a sunny south Pacific […]

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