Top 5 things to Do in Aruba

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If you aren’t from the Netherlands, you may not have heard of Aruba. It is one of the Dutch Antilles, six islands in the Caribbean just off the northern coast of South America. Like the other islands in the Dutch Antilles, Aruba is a major tourist destination, especially with holiday makers from the Netherlands traveling to the Caribbean. Most people fly into the modern Queen Beatrix Airport just outside the capital Oranjestad.

Aruba has a tropical climate with temperatures usually between eighty and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months so it’s not surprising that most people who go on holiday there head straight for the beach to top up their tan. But there are lots of other activities you can take part in.

So what are the top five things to do in Aruba?


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If you are feeling energetic, why not explore the island on a mountain bike. You can enjoy the beautiful fauna and flora of Aruba travel at a leisurely pace as you cycle along the quiet roads that crisscross the island. And as the island is pretty flat, you won’t tire yourself out pedalling up any steep hills. You can rent a bike on Aruba for a few hours, or for a whole day, fairly cheaply from any of the cycling shops on the island.

Deep Sea Fishing

In the waters around Aruba, you can catch fish including white and blue marlins, shark, barracuda and kingfish, all of which are to be found in plentiful numbers. To hire a private boat with a captain and crew will cost from around $400 for half a day or $800 for a full day and it is advisable to make a booking well in advance, especially if you are going to visit Aruba in the summer months.


Horse riding is a popular activity in Aruba, both with tourists and locals. Aruba offers the horse rider plenty of peaceful and interesting places to go for a ride from the drifting sand dunes along the coast line to the gently sloping hills from the top of which you can gain a panoramic view of the island as it is only just over twenty miles long and about six miles wide at its broadest point.

Scuba Diving

Diving in Aruba is a spectacular experience which allows you to explore the many interesting shipwrecks and coral formations that dot the waters around the island’s coast line. At four hundred feet long, The Antilla, a German merchant ship sunk by the Dutch Navy in 1940 which now lies in sixty feet of water off Aruba, is one of the biggest wrecks in the Caribbean. The waters off Aruba are also full of marine life such as stingrays and manta rays.

Wind and Kite Surfing

Aruba is known in the surfing community for the winds that whip in across this almost entirely flat island from the Caribbean Sea. It is an ideal place to go wind or kite surfing and you will find some of the world’s top instructors and well-stocked surf equipment shops here.

Have you visited Aruba? What did you like about the island? If you haven’t, is it a place you’d like to visit? Tell us why in the comments section below, and remember to share this post if you’d like to let your frends know about Aruba!

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