October 26

Top Desert Holiday Destinations on Earth

Visiting a major European city is a popular family travel destination, so too is venturing across the world to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape on offer in New Zealand, but they aren’t the only options. For some, experiencing the delights of a desert holiday appeals. A desert holiday is the trip of a lifetime for the vast majority of people and is the perfect antidote to a cold and depressing winter.

Not everyone knows that desert holidays are a thing, though. Of course, touring a nearby desert in an Egyptian city is always an option, but not everyone is aware that the same types of deserts which are on display in games like the Desert Treasure slot machine and movies such as Dune can actually be explored in far more detail. Holidaymakers can trek across incredible landscapes, gaze at the stars on a clear evening, ride camels, and live an all-around unique way of life.

If you’re considering embarking on a desert adventure, below is a look at some of the top destinations that are well worth your consideration.


Kicking things off with one of the most famous deserts around, the Sahara stretches across Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria and is the largest desert on the planet. Given its size, there are plenty of things to see in the Sahara. Popular options include visiting the ancient villages, taking in the classical ruins, and going on a camel trek to the Erg Chebbi dunes at Merzouga. Ahead of a prospective trip, it’s worth noting that Sahara adventures tend to take place at gateway towns.

Australias Red Centre

Known as the spiritual heart of Australia, Uluru (Ayers Rock) is one of the most beautiful destinations on earth. Not only does it serve up a feast of desert animals, but visitors also rush to see the area’s famous rock change colour at both dusk and dawn. If the Aborigine culture has ever been of interest to you, then you’ll certainly learn a great deal about it in Australia’s central outback.


Certainly not as hot as some of the other desert destinations on the list, Sedona is located in the US and even features a few golf courses for fans of the sport. As well as hosting rock concerts and offering snowy mountains depending on the time of year, Sedona is a unique option for desert adventurers. The Seven Canyons resort is a great option.

Dubai Desert

Dubai is known for its luxurious offering and wealth these days, but not many people are aware that you can go off the beaten track and explore the Dubai Desert. Whether it’s by riding a camel or on a Jeep safari, there is plenty to see and do on this particular desert holiday. Other options include going on a hot air balloon ride, quad biking, and even going glamping.


Popular with adventurers, in particular, Namib is particularly famous for its gorgeous Sossusvlei sand dunes, where travellers have been known to make the most of hot air balloon rides and sandboarding, among a whole host of other activities which can be enjoyed in this truly epic Namibian desert. Climbing the 325m ‘Big Daddy’ sand dune needs to be done, too.


Located across both northern China and Mongolia, the Gobi desert is one of the best options on earth. With its mountains, forest, and notable dune layout, you’ll see a wide array of nature and wildlife in this particular area. The dunes are special too, known as the ‘Singing Dunes’ due to the noise they make on a windy day. The Flaming Cliffs are worth experiencing also.


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