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Top 6 Gaming Destinations In The World

Most gamers in the UK spend their time playing their favourite games or attending actual game events. It is daunting for gamers to choose a specific vacation that would match their interests while enjoying different destinations. Many gaming destinations across the world can create memories. 

Some gamers schedule vacations to meet new people with a similar vision where they share experiences in various games. Gaming tourism is diverse, and tourists not only visit the best gambling destinations but also catch the thrilling fun in horse racing, boxing, and video game events. Our expert Alexandra Vasilkova, highlights for us the top gaming destinations in the world.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is labelled as the entertainment capital of the world. The city is found in the US state of Nevada, and it’s the second most popular tourist attraction after Times Square in NYC. Las Vegas boasts a variety of world-famous casinos and luxurious hotels. 

The city accommodates more than 30 land-based casinos where the designs and interior decor lure tourists. It is rare to avoid popular casinos, including MGM Grand, Venetian, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and Mandalay Bay, lying on the Vegas strips. Tourists also create memories in shops, bars, sporting events, museums, and fantastic shows held in the city.


There are many reasons for visiting the capital and the largest city of England. London is among the world’s top gaming destinations with an appealing nightlife and a gambling scene. The city is home to Buckingham Palace, British Museum, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, and Natural History Museum. Six major soccer teams from London play in the popular English Premier League.

Tourists visit the city and place online bets as they watch their favourite premier league teams crash in action. The city hosts over 20 land-based casinos such as Aspers, Hippodrome, Grosvenor St Giles, and The Ritz Club casino. London is also home to some of the best online casinos where players play their favourite casino games. Slots are quite famous for UK players and getting a review of the best sites that offer high volatility online slots is a good start for those who want to explore the online world. 

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is governed by the prince of Monaco in France and hosts the world’s largest casinos. Located in the South of France, it has the best scenic landscapes best captured in cameras and videos for memories' sake. The city has beautiful beaches such as Larvotto, where tourists hire a yacht to catch a breath-taking ride on the Mediterranean. Gamblers visit the town to have fun in the famous Monte Carlo casino that offers popular casino games. Monte Carlo casino has featured various James Bond movies due to its stunning Belle Epoque facade.

Gold Coast

The beautiful Gold Coast city attracts about 13 million visitors every year. It is among the best casino cities in the southern hemisphere of Australia. The town has theme parks, Warner Brother’s movie world, hiking, surfing, waterways, and scenic beaches. Queensland is the second biggest city that receives about 300 days of sunshine every year. Tourists visit the town to watch whales and the hilly region of Queensland. Gamers walk into Jupiter casino to play various games not offered in most places. In addition, Jupiter casino hosts most gambling competitions that attract volumes of gamers.


Tokyo, Japan, has the world’s best video games titles, including Pokemon, Mario, and Sonic. The great innovation and attractive gaming scene have impacted the western gaming culture. The Akihabara, also known as the Electric Town, has many stores that offer video games with the latest software and hardware. It is always essential to carry an extra suitcase when visiting Tokyo as there is much to buy, including action figures and game memorabilia.


Seattle matches a gaming experience in Las Vegas. The city is known to host gaming conventions and events such as GeekGirlcon and Retro gaming Expo. Tourists can explore the latest in the eSports world while visiting Seattle. 

Highly reputable companies, including Nintendo, Microsoft, and Valve, are also based in Seattle, making the city a suitable spot for tourists with a passion for coding and engineering. The town has accessible and cheap internet, making it affordable to host a variety of gaming conventions and meetups during the year.

Most tourists are fond of travelling to meet new gamers and share their experiences. Research has also shown that slots are the most-loved games in both land-based and online casinos. The above are the best gaming destinations in the world.


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