How to Get from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale

Aaah the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale Beach is easily one of Florida’s best attractions, and well worth the detour if you’re visiting Miami. Unfortunately, for the uninitiated, actually getting there can be a bit of a pain, particularly from South Beach. Luckily, once you know the ropes, it’s really not too difficult to head over to Fort Lauderdale, and the end destination is certainly worth the trip. Below are five fairly straight forward ways to get transportation from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale

sout beach to fort lauderdale

  1. The Tri-Rail

The Tri-Rail commuter train is one of the easiest forms of transportation from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale. It’s pretty fast, and surprisingly easy to use. Be sure to check out their website (, which lists departure times, and has a handy fare calculator that can tell you exactly how much it’ll cost to get from A to B.


  1. Taxis

If you’re not exactly excited about using public transport, you can always take a taxi. Transportation from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale by taxi will cost more than the Tri-Rail, but can be a little more comfortable. Expect to pay around $70 for the half hour trip. One way to cut down the price a little is to share a cab with a few friends. Additional passengers won’t increase the overall price, so this can be a great way to bring down the individual cost. To get the best deal, consider using, which can give you an estimate of how much the overall trip will cost.


  1. Shuttle Buses

So far, the cheapest option has been the Tri-Rail, and the most expensive is by taxi. Comparably, a shuttle bus is basically a compromise option that’ll appeal to people who don’t want to take the train, but don’t want to fork out for a cab either. The Go Airport Shuttle leaves when full from the Fort Lauderdale airport. A trip to Miami will set you back between $21-23, while destinations within Fort Lauderdale cost between $11-19 per head. Although the standard fare is for the shuttle bus, there’s also a silver service option available. More information is available on their website, Along with offering information on Go Airport Shuttle’s services, the website also allows you to book services ahead of time.


  1. Car Rental

Another option for transportation from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale is to simply hire a car for the day. This is easily the most flexible option, and means not having to hassle with train fares, or waiting around for your van to fill up, or taxi to arrive. Car rentals around Miami tend to go for a minimum of $35 a day, though prices can be higher. You’ll also have to factor in fuel costs, with will be around $4 if you’re just going straight from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale.


  1. The Cheapskate Option

If you’re really counting your pennies, then the cheapest route is a mix of public transport and walking. This means bussing from South Beach to MIA, then taking the Tri-Rail to Fort Lauderdale. The final stretch of the trip can be done by public bus, thus cutting down the price of the Tri-Rail.


As you can see there is no easy and cheap way to get from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale. You’ll always have to sacrifice one of the two and what you choose will depend on how much time you have and who you’re traveling with.

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